Alex – Book 4

Just a quick update for any authors out there that have been struggling with their writing for a while.

Book 4 inside.

There is hope, I havent written much for over 20 months but finally the dry spell seems to have given up and the words are flooding back to me.

So I guess all I want to say is don’t give up, just let life take its course and it’ll come back to you if you want it to.

Book 4 of the Alex Price series is underway and I’ve spent a wet afternoon snuggled down in the warm with notebooks and my computer, it’s all coming together. It’s lovely to reconnect with my characters.

Good luck to all of you authors out there. You’ll be amazing. Believe.

5 thoughts on “Alex – Book 4

  1. Most welcome Steph. So pleased to hear the trip inspired and Mother Nature teased a thread from your writer’s reel so that you’ve a line to follow into the book-writer’s labyrinth to slay the novel beast 😀

    Signs abound all around, with open eyes you see 😀

    Best wishes,


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  2. That is wonderful news Steph! 😀

    There you were, travelling the wild wide-open spaces of the Isle of Skye with the ink-well dry, when first came Storm Brenda (clearing the air (your mind), enriching the land (nourishing ideas), quickly followed by a rainbow seen at the end of a road (faith, belief, hope, light). Last, but by no means least, you saw a majestic Stag, seen by chance due to circumstance (a messenger, an animal of power, a totem representing might, sensitivity, intuition and gentleness.) I get the impression the Universe spoke of your good fortune and now urges you onwards to meet it half way. Make haste Steph, make haste! 😀

    Happy writing! 😀


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