Proud Mom

I know. I know I shouldn’t share this, but as I’ve been away and now I’m getting back on track with my writing and social media, finding a new review makes me very happy.

So I thought I’d share to just to prove I’m back and enjoying writing and publicising again. So bear with me as I give myself a little pat on the back.

 A real page turner from start to finish and best bit is part of a trilogy 28 January 2020
I got this book because it was an author local to me. Very very glad I did. The book is one of a set of 3. Pictures of deceit and after the light are the other 2. They introduce you to Alex, very much the heroine and her family and friends. Part thriller, part whodunnit, murder, all with great back stories and really great twists.
I couldn’t put this down.
Hope the author adds to this series as I now consider myself on first name terms with many of the characters and can’t wait to see where they go next. Massive recommendation from me.



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