The Charade.

The story continues…

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Chapter 23.

   Joseph went to the station himself to pick her up, his man was still out scouring the streets looking for her.  She was indeed still unconscious. He scooped her up in his arms and carried her to his car and carefully, so as not to disturb her, took her back to his house.

Some time later she began to wake up, she opened her eyes to find herself in her room. It must have been a dream, she thought something had happened to her but she must be wrong, she was still in her room, but she felt cold and was shivering. She could hear voices outside her room but not what they were saying. She staggered as she climbed from the bed, feeling a little light headed. She knocked into the sideboard and a small vase tumbled to the floor and smashed. The door immediately opened and Joseph was beside her helping her back into bed. “You should stay there a while longer, you’ve had quite an ordeal” He smiled kindly at her.

“What happened?”

“Carl came looking for you, but you’re back now so just rest up .”

“What was Carl doing here, in your house? I saw him in town too. What does he want from me?” The events of the day were coming back to her gradually. “Why was outside sleeping?”

“It appears he drugged you and left you at the station to be found, I don’t know what he’s up to but you can be sure I will find out.” His face told her that he really meant it too. “Now sleep a liitle longer, we can talk when you’re rested.”

She let him go but knew there would be no more sleep for her today. If Carl had got into here once he may try again. In her mind she kept thinking about George and was concerned for his safety, yet she didn’t know why she felt that way. Her hand strayed to her throat, her necklace had gone, after a moments panic she realized that she had hidden it. Reaching below the mattress she felt round until finally feeling her finger come into contact with her precious jewel. She sighed and relaxed.

Joseph left the house and went into town, he needed to find out where Carl was and find out what was going on, although he already had a good idea. He wanted to sort this before Robert arrived.

Evening fell over York, she thought it was time she put in an appearance. Joseph had been so kind that she wanted to see him. She entered the drawing room and was faced with Joseph and Mr James, chatting in front of the fire. They both turned towards her as she entered the room.

“Hello, how are you feeling now?” Joseph asked. Mr James just smiled at her. She thought she had rarely seen him smile, it made him look quite handsome.

“Hello.” She said unsure of what was going on. “I feel fine, thank you.”

“Please join us, I think there are some things we should talk about.” Joseph ushered her towards the sofa. “I’m glad to see you’re wearing Elizabeth’s necklace too.”

There it was the mention of her Mother again. “Mr James, have you seen George?”

“Please call me Robert, No I haven’t found your George, you should tell me about him.”

“George… elderly, has a grandson who helps him in his shop?” Joseph chipped in.

“Yes, that’s him… you know him?”

“Yes, he was your Mother’s gardener. A lovely gentleman and a very good gardener, I hope he was a good shopkeeper too. How do you know him?”

“I met him in his shop, I think Carl might have tried to intimidate him, my Mom had a gardener?” She sat down suddenly realizing that maybe her Mom was more important than she had ever thought. All of this attention, no protection.  Her head began to spin.



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