Jess was sitting in her house looking around her, there were piles of things everywhere, boxes full of stuff and she had no idea what was in them, tall slightly unstable towers of books. She liked to collect things and never knew how to get rid of them when they were no longer used or had come to the end of their useful life. Which generally meant to Jess they had fallen out of fashion. She sighed, picking up a newspaper from 1987, vaguely wondering why it was still there, the only possible use she could think of for it was to pass it on to Liverpool football team for their scrapbook, they’d had a good game apparently.

She really needed to sort herself out, there was little more than a walkway through the room to the kitchen which was in almost the same state. She’d tried the do you love it or need it questions but although she didn’t need it she had always talked herself into loving it all that’s why she got it in the first place. She always managed to think of an excuse for not throwing things away. Sentimental or precious, she knew how the things she threw away today were the very things she would be looking for tomorrow. She needed to find a way to change her mindset. There was a write up in a magazine about decluttering, now where had she put it…

She spotted it under a plastic box she had got free from some breakfast cereal offer, she re called her pleasure at getting something for nothing. The box had never been opened. She pulled the magazine out from under the box, the box swayed towards a pile of books. The books swayed too and fell knocking a mountain of other books and so it went until… well until the police found her body crushed below a pile of kitchen utensils, boxes and of course her precious books.

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