Lockdown Exhaustion

Still waiting

Well I don’t know about you but after the first week of lockdown I had a plan…

It was simple I was going to relax and wind down for a week then crack on with book 4, well that didn’t go so well. I spent my time decorating at home, but that’s okay because with fresh new surroundings I could concentrate on writing…

That was when the slump hit another week of doing absolutely nothing. But that’s okay because it meant when I came out of that I could really get down to writing…

Oh I wish it was that easy, the business then got a new showroom (still almost finished!) but it’s okay because that means there is nothing else to do but write…

Then I decided it was a great idea to introduce two new fur babies to the family… that finished me off… exhausted from settling them in and getting used to a new routine.

So all in all this is a very happy home now but book 4 is still looking at me accusingly, waiting for me to get back to the page and start writing…

Back to work on Monday.

Wish me luck!


11 thoughts on “Lockdown Exhaustion

      • Finally got up as been awake since about half 3….its fatal to go to sleep early as once I have had my 6 hrs I’m awake…But all good very warm some rain but its low season so expected and welcomed it cools it down a little xxx

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      • Still no Incoming flights (no tourists) only repatriation flights…No bars allowed to open…Curfew finishes Monday…Still many shops unless they pass certain criteria as regards monitoring ..not allowed anywhere without a mask..shops take your temperature and you have to have the app or sign in and out so pretty strict but no cases for 17 days the only cases have been people coming in from other countries and they are whisked straight into government isolation…But I don’t mind the infections and death toll figures speak for them selves and reflect the steps taken xxx

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      • Still on top of things then, thats good to hear. We are just lifting the lockdown here, so fingers crossed it goes well. If not we might have to do it all over again! Just stay safe and well.

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      • We are fine thank you…I feel much safer here than I would in the UK. The Thais surprised me at how they did as asked no arguments but that shouldn’t have really surprised me..should it. But the governor here has been great they bring round free handwash and masks are given out everywhere if you buy something everyone observes the distancing..the governor here and some local business even bought back workmens items they had porned and gave them back to them so they had them to start work and he and others paid the pawn shops..They have looked after the people I have been impressed 🙂

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      • Thats really good to hear. Its been a bloody shambles here, although I think they did the best they could with the information they had. So much conflicting info. Lets hope its all going to calm down now and we can resume life, a little differently but still manage to get back to some sort of normality.


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