Carpe Diem

It sits there by our side day in, day out darkly brooding until something wakes it up then it buzzes and hums desperate to get some attention. Even in the darkness, it is watching, waiting, collecting, it never sleeps, consuming lives and waiting to spew its new found gossip into an unsuspecting being. It rules, divides, loves and hates, it can make or break you. Yet still we yearn for it, allowing it to shape us and change our mood at will. It will never allow us to find peace and contentment it constantly demands. At first, it whispers sweet nothings and when we are bored with that it demands, insists and promises new dreams in all shapes and sizes and every time we fall for its charms never learning, never remembering how life used to be.

Still we allow this, even encourage it and wait eagerly for the latest shiny technology to come out that will be able to take over even more of our lives, they’ll tell us it will make us more efficient, more social.

Be careful your life is not played out in front of other people on a screen, take back your power and remember to live the way we used to.

Carpe Diem.


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