A Writing Day.

Time to get writing, apparently this is a good day for me to be creative according to my numerology reading.

If you’ve never tried numerology maybe you should its a great way of inspiring you to get things done and hopefully show you the best days to do whatever your thing is.

For me today is a 3, a day to contact people, be creative and have some fun. All of which I intend to do given the time.

Numerology is all about getting the root number. This will give you an insight into your life patterns. Just reduce digits until you reach a single-digit number, excluding 11 and 22, which are considered Master Numbers. Your single digit is your individual Life Path number. So A = 1, B=2 etc.

Find your number by adding all the numbers together and reducing them to a single digit. This will give you your life path number.

I will give out the path number meanings in my next blog post. Don’t forget to use the name you were given on your birth certificate. Spellings must be accurate to get the correct number. We’ll do your up to date names and numbers in the future.

Have fun with this…

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