Numerology – Life Path.

I hope you’ve worked out your birth name number since the last post. So in this post I will lay out the condensed meanings of Numbers 1 – 3

Hopefully this will give you a little insight into numerology. I also hope you enjoy getting to know this way of finding out more and understanding yourself a little better.

Life Path 1 –

Creative and hard working, be careful not to overdo it as you are driven and dedicated. Sure to be a success in many areas. Any leadership roles were made for Life path 1 people.

The shadow side is pride, be careful. Also stop trying to please everyone.

Life Path 2 –

Sensitivity, patience and healing. You are a genuine person and value honesty. Your perfect careers would me nurses, teachers, healers and anything to do with music.

Your shadow side is that you are sometimes over sensitive, finding it hard to take criticism. You must try t o believe in yourself more.

Life Path 3 –

Creative, social and romantic. Positivity is your watchword. You make great actors, dancers in fact most jobs that are social. You love to be around people.

Your shadow side is that you have a tendency to be flippant and flirty, you will always do something that interests you instead of doing what needs to be done. You have no time for humdrum.

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