Numerology Life Path

Moving on to the next group of life path numbers and meanings, today 4 -6

Hopefully this will give you a little insight into numerology. I also hope you enjoy getting to know this way of finding out more and understanding yourself a little better.

Life Path 4 –

You’re practical, have a good work ethic which is lucky because you enjoy work. You are not one for taking chances. Hard work is your way. You are resourceful and love a challenge.

Your shadow side is that you will take on more than you can sometimes cope with and you expect everyone to work as hard as you do. You may find you have sleep problems.

Life Path 5 –

Freedom, motivation, change and sensuality are your path. You pick up well on spiritual matter and like to experience life using you senses, particularly touch. You have the soul of a gypsy.

Your shadow side will show you to get bored easily. Sometime you can be seen as fickle and flighty. You will try to avoid responsibility.

Life Path 6 –

Responsibility, nurturing and compassion are your traits. Truly a loving soul. Home, family and friends are important to you and you will defend those you care about to the hilt. Teaching and nursing would be a great career path for you.

Your shadow side will find you out of balance, you tend to do too much for people at the cost of yourself. Stop putting people on a pedestal and let them make some mistakes. Being a perfectionist can come over as controlling. Be aware.


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