Numerology Life Path

Today we will look at life path numbers 7 – 9

Hopefully this will give you a little insight into numerology. I also hope you enjoy getting to know this way of finding out more and understanding yourself a little better.

Life Path 7 –

Loners are found amongst number 7’s, problem solvers with a love of nature. Science could be a deep interest but so too can spiritual beliefs.

Your shadow side could make you pessimistic, aloof and seen to be a little high and mighty. Also be careful because this number is the easiest to fall into addictions.

Life Path 8 –

success is your watchword, status is important to you. Honesty and truth is never in question. You are perfect for running a business, even if you start small you will always strive for greater achievements.

Your shadow side is a lack of romance, relationships could be difficult for you. You are also stubborn. Try to learn to take advice, you don’t want to but it could be to your advantage.

Life Path 9 –

Wisdom and kindness and diplomacy are the 9’s watchwords. They like to take care of everyone, they have a natural instinct to see into peoples souls and sort the good from bad.

Their shadow side is they give too much love but do not know how to ask for the same in return, often believing they are unworthy of love. They find inequality unbearable.

That explains your life path numbers but there are two more which are master numbers… I’ll tell all next time.

Be happy, be kind

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