Numerology Life Path

Back again with the meanings behind the master numbers. 11 & 22 are very special life paths and are seen as the masters. Read on for the meanings of these blessed people.

If you don’t know your number yet here’s the grid to get you started. Allocate a number to each letter in your name, then add the numbers together untill you reach a single digit. Unless of course you end up with an 11 or 22. Use the name you were given on your birth certificate. That’s the most important point, this will give you your life path number. All other readings will be covered in later posts.

Life Path 11 –

PLease understand that this is a higher vibration of the number 2. The number of spiritual enlightenment. You are intuitive and gentle. You understand the mysteries of the earth and it comes easily to you to live that life. You have the ability to see beyond the walls that people put up and understand the real driving force behind people.

Your shadow side is that you are a dreamer, try to stay grounded. You also carry a number of phobias and fears. Try to realise that these are only generated by your own mind. Be aware that your ability to see things others can’t may freak people out.

Life path 22 –

This is a higher vibration of the number 4. Sages and visionaries are marked by this number. Success and the ability to put your ideas into action. You have wisdom and practicality. This is a remarkable number indeed. You are blessed by the universe.

Your shadow side is your fear of failure, this can be debilitating at times and can cause you to lose your way. Don’t fear too much because a 22 will always find their way back to where they should be.

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