The Hallow Man

The Hallow Man by Paul Devine.

There’s a brand new book on the market and I’d like to introduce it and its author to you all.

Paul has also offered up a more of an insight beyond the blurb to whet your appetite, when I spoke to him he told me what could be expected from his first novel.

In 1954, two Sheffield students disappeared without trace. After seven years they are pronounced missing, presumed dead.

Thirty years later in 1984, Seb another student disappears. Two of his friends, Ptarmigan and Gerda were with him. But they have a strange amnesia about the events leading up to his disappearance.

By 2014, Ptarmigan has collected enough clues about what happened to persuade Seb’s still-grieving ex-partner Rita back to Sheffield, to find out what had happened all those years ago.

As they move closer to the answers Gerda, Ptarmigan and Rita discover that their lives have also been contaminated by a far more mundane, far more human antagonist.

Their investigations take them from the writings of Aldous Huxley, to a pilgrimage by a group of 12th Century monks. From a pamphlet by an obscure Elizabethan nobleman to architectural riddles concealed in the old Sheffield General Cemetery. Then local legends and press reports about a horrifying creature called the Hallow Man.

The Hallow Man is a tale about horror, friendship, love, loss and perhaps redemption that spans the centuries.

Meet the author… Paul Devine.

Paul was vocalist and frontman of post-punk band Siiiii. Now living in Somerset. He has written two books prior to The Hallow Man. The autobiography, The Devine Comedy and the semi fictional diary 2020, Here Be Hermits, The Year of Covid.

The Hallow Man is his first novel.

You can check it out here… Book Link Author Page


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