I need your help. Please share far and wide.

I know how amazing you all are and now I’d love it if you could help a friend of mine.

The story will be told in Nigel’s own voice and I won’t edit a word of it.

If you are, or know, Geraldine please get in touch.

Memories so rarely have this impact on any of us, I’d love to see a friendship rekindled after all these years.


Norman House Hotel.

Geraldine! Holiday memories of Jersey 1960.

Are you about 72/73 now? Do you remember back in 1960 meeting an 11 year old boy called Nigel – at The Norman House Hotel, First Tower, St Helier, when we were both on holiday with our parents? We arrived on the same day.

We became good friends, and often played and went for walks together, we went to Jersey Zoo one day on our own.

I remember you telling me about your flight from Southend and when the sound of the engines throttling back scared you, before landing at Jersey.

One morning at breakfast, I remember your mother complained to the chef about the way her eggs were cooked and after breakfast I came up to you and said ‘what was your egg like this morning?’ which made them all laugh.

One evening after dinner we went down to the sea front, just the two of us, probably to escape our parents and played on a grassy area near the road side.

These memories came flooding back to comfort me during the long days of Lockdown. I’ve never forgotten you and the happy times we had for those few days we had together.

Have you got some memories of your own you’d like to share for old time’s sake? If so I would love to hear from you. Nigel.

You can contact me at:- nbreen01@btinternet.com 



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