The Amulet.

I yawn and stretch in the bright sunshine, my hand comes into contact with stone. For a moment I cannot recall where I am. The sun is high in the blue of the sky, I look around, I was sure this isn’t where I went to sleep. I move my fingers to better feel what I had in my hand. My fingers wrapped themselves around something small and smooth. I smiled. With my other hand I shielded my eyes to glace across to the item, it was glassy and blue, shaped like a sphere. In that moment i remembered picking it up at a local shop. I didn’t recall buying it or anything that had got me to this point.

Looking around, as my eyes began to focus in the bright light, I found myself in a field, alone. My mind raced, how, why, when? I couldn’t find an answer but I felt unnerved, the amulet now feeling like it was pulsing in my hand, getting warmer. I opened my hand and allowed it drop to the floor.

It shattered into what seemed like a never ending shower of droplets, a rain storm or glass scattering, falling. How could something so small do this, my head began to spin. A blur of colour spun in front of me and I slowly, tentatively opened my eyes.

A pair of deep blue eyes stared down in to mine, a mouth moving but I couldn’t hear a sound. This was a stranger with beautiful eyes, I tried to speak but no sound came to my lips. I panicked and tears formed in eyes. I tried to see around the beautiful stranger, there was no longer any blue sky just bright lights. Now my amulet had gone everything had changed.

I was no longer me, the lights were dimming and I was lost.

In a moment everything can change.


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