Be Your Best Self.

There’s a new service, now open to everyone. Glastonbury has been lucky to have Soul to itself for many years but now he is offering his unique healing talents to the rest of the world.

Here is a little bit about Soul in his own words…

Having worked on myself for many years, healing past traumas, abuse, social conditioning and learning how to step in to my sovereignty, I am here to offer you  a wide range of tools, workshops and sessions, either in groups or one to ones depending on your own individual requests and needs, to teach, empower and guide you to tune in to your inner wisdom and guidance so you can become and blossom in becoming the highest, greatest version of yourself and step into your true power and sovereignty.

My sessions are intuitively led using a wide range of techniques that include  Guided Meditations, Sound Vibration, Past  Life Regression, Ancestral Healing, Shamanic Sound and Drumming, Connecting with the Elements, Mother Earth, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, the Animal Kingdom, Usui Reiki and Source.

It is my passion and calling to hold space and facilitate such offerings so you too can recreate, do the inner-work, release and stand in ones knowing.

Whatever you are looking  for, be it personal  growth, healing, releasing, manifesting, life coaching, guidance, or learning to connect with spirit –


 Lets begin and go on a souls journey together upon the land and rediscover your true calling and potential. 



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