Strange Happenings.

Strange Happenings.

The heat radiates from inside, a ball of fire formed by my own hand and will. I stare at it in awe.

Distracted, I feel the change of atmosphere, and as I look towards the hall-way I’m sure I see a shadow, instinctively I throw the fire ball, the only weapon I have.

A shape slowly emerges and moves towards me, stopping abruptly as the ball hits it, gently the fire illuminates the interloper, giving it definition for a moment, then it disappears.

What was it, it felt almost familiar, a memory or an ancestor visiting?

Again, I hear the same swish of air in the hall, looking up I see the shadow again. I summon up another fire ball, in a flash I realise that I could feel it pull from my heart, not my core as I’d thought. This summoning took only seconds as my heart beat faster.

I threw it and again the outline formed on the shadow, then I knew, I was certain. I knew that shape as well as I knew my own.

I leap to my feet and reached for it. I mustn’t let you disappear before I have chance to hold you one last time.


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