Thought of a Winter Oak.

   ‘Here he comes again, same time every day. How would he like it? I must admit it’s nice to have a bit of warmth.’

   The dog and its owner stop for a moment, sniff and pee, then wander on.

   ‘Not even a thank you.’ Oak sighs. ‘It’s all well and good being called the king of trees in the summer, but come the winter when my skin thickens and cracks, it’s not so much fun. I can’t even pop inside for a warm. My friends who I offer a home to in other seasons have disappeared.’

   The chill wind blows through what is left of Oak’s dry, crisp leaves. Making him shiver.

   ‘I get to hang around, first losing my spectacular, glossy coat, which looks magnificent in red and gold. Before it drops away and leaves me naked. No-body comes to hug me in the winter, I will have to wait until Spring before I get showered with attention again.’

   Another dog approaches…

   Oak sighs and shudders. ‘Oh well, I have my new sparkly pure white coat to look forward to, and the occasional trickle of warmth.’

   The dog sniffs, pees and walks away.

   Oak bought his branches close as if in prayer and whispered. ‘Please Lord Greenman, next time can I come back as a palm tree.’

8 thoughts on “Thought of a Winter Oak.

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  3. I am a huge fan of oaks. I live some 5 minutes walk from Spa Wood (a part of the Great North Wood), which survives in the Upper Norwood area of Greater London. I sometimes hear an owl in and around the wood and there are plenty of foxes (as well as oaks) which is wonderful. Thank you for this post. Kevin

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