Be A Friend…

Someone asked me if I was being my best self…

It took me a moment to realise that I was always striving to please other people, I find myself saying things like ‘well if you’re happy, I’m happy’ That was when I realised what this person was really asking.

In that moment of clarity I was aware that this what most of us do to some extent, we live through taking care of others. It is a laudable way to live but are we missing out?

I don’t mean we should be selfish, but maybe we should make a little more time to make ourselves happy and in turn allow others to make us happy too. Wouldn’t that be a lovely world to live in.

It could increase our confidence, we would do more with our time and free ourselves up to spend more quality time with our loved ones.

So be more of a friend to yourself, be your best self. It really will improve your life.


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