Lost Something?

Here’s a little helping hand if you’re anything like me, constantly putting things somewhere safe and then never finding them again.

At least we know our safe places are really safe!

If asking Hermes isn’t your thing, or you don’t feel comfortable with it, there’s also St Anthony who is the patron Saint of lost things.

O Holy St. Anthony, gentlest of Saints, your love for God and Charity for His creatures, made you worthy, when on earth, to possess miraculous powers. Encouraged by this thought, I implore you to obtain for me…

[Mention your request here].

O gentle and loving St. Anthony, whose heart was ever full of human sympathy, whisper my petition into the ears of the sweet Infant Jesus, who loved to be folded in your arms; and the gratitude of my heart will ever be yours. Amen.

So whatever you have lost I hope, you’re confident in finding it.

Good hunting.


2 thoughts on “Lost Something?

  1. I’m expected to remember that? With my memory?
    My puzzle is… when I finally find it (while searching for something else) should I replace it in the place I found it? Or move it to the place where I first looked (and it wasn’t there – but maybe should have been, since it was the most obvious place to look).

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