Ooo It’s a Bit Chilly.

The weather has finally turned here in the UK and it’s bloody cold. So I thought I might put together a list of things you may like to keep close to help keep you warm. Especially if like me you live in a draughty old building with no central heating.

Not nice at this time of year, but fabulous when spring comes and you can feel the seasons changing and fling open your windows. But for now we will make the best of it.

There are loads of things you can do to keep warm and with the prices of gas and electric about to go through the roof, it’s good to keep it cheap.

A lot of things are just common sense, it’s just that with modern central heating we’ve got out of the habit of keeping ourselves warm. It’s easier to turn up the thermostat.

  1. Grab a hot water bottle, they’re not just for bed. put a furry cover on them and use them with your cushions on the sofa, rest your feet on them whilst you’re watching TV. Instant heat anywhere.
  2. Fleeces, throw them over your furniture, there are so many available, finding a design you like is easy, when it gets cold just snuggle into them.
  3. Door snakes, those old doors that don’t snuggly fit into their frames means draughty rooms. Just put a snake against the door and bingo, no draughts. You don’t need to spend anything on them either, old trouser legs or tights if you have them, stuff them with old bits of foam or material, knot/ sew the ends and there you go.
  4. Layers, wear lots of them.
  5. Linings, Line your curtains! It’ll make so much difference. If you have single glazed windows this could save you money too.
  6. Socks. Double up on your socks, if your feet are warm you’ve won half the battle.
  7. Plugs, when you’ve had your bath leave the plug in, and let that warm water act like a radiator. Get the most out of your hot water. You can put the plug in whilst you shower and do the same thing too.
  8. Plant pots. Light a candle on a base (saucer or candle plate) then place a upturned terracotta plant pot over the top of it (leaving a little gap). the candle will heat the terracotta and will give off heat for hours.
  9. Get a dog! Yes they are perfect, they’ll be only too happy to oblige and act as a hot water bottle whilst you sleep, they’ll snuggle up to you on the sofa. You’ll get warm whilst getting exercise when you walk them. You also get all the love any human could need. Win, win.

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