Dogs and the Cold.

Now the weather has finally turned really cold my concern has swapped from heating my home to my dogs. If you have short coated or natural slim dogs, here’s just a few tips that may help them get through winter a little more comfortably.

Dogs that naturally carry less fat will feel the cold more than the big coated and stocky breeds. I leave fleeces everywhere for them to snuggle into if they get cold. But the care doesn’t end there. There are so many things about that could harm them that we use to help keep our lives normal through the cold weather.

Keep anti-freeze and any anti ice sprays out of reach and clean up spills. If they do ingest anything it’ll be a trip to the vets. And none of us want that.

To help prevent sore paws during cold walks, you can use petroleum jelly, such as Vaseline, as a barrier on the pads of the feet. Put this on before you leave the house ensuring the dog doesn’t lick it, and wash it off with lukewarm water when you get home. Washing your dog’s paws when you get home will also get rid of any grit or salt that has accumulated that could cause discomfort and pain. When the weather is really cold, short walks are better, so your dog doesn’t get too cold.

There’s a lot of lovely fleece coats available too, especially for greyhound/ whippet types.

Hope your dogs have a happy cosy winter.

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