The Fae.

   The fire was reaching epic proportions, cracking and spitting embers into the dark.  A sigh escaped Freya’s lips as she watched the dancing flames reveal a shimmering across the expansive forest floor. She smiled for a moment. The smile soon faded when she spotted something that threatened to spoil this vision.  The magic was being undone by way of a creature roaming the forest, an unwanted dangerous visitor for the fae.

   Freya knew that to stop the disturbance of this magical scene was within her reach. She could protect the frolicking fae that were the source of the of the beautiful shimmering. She dropped her hand to her side and withdrew an arrow from her quiver, loading her bow with practiced ease. On releasing the arrow there was a scuttling sound as the creature ran for cover. She had aimed to miss, just to warn.

   The fae celebrated around her, glowing brighter than before. Her triumph was short lived though; the first rays of daylight began to filter through the forest canopy. She and the fae must leave now, before the day was full upon them.

   Fire, Freya and fae faded away, until darkness returned just as in a dream.


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