Do Ravens Cry?

   The raven, black as pitch, perched regally, silently, watching. Below him animals began to scurry around in the undergrowth and amongst the forest plants. He was trying to see what it was that had them so worried, but there was nothing in sight. He was older now but it was normally him that warned the other animals when a threat arrived I their home. This time all he discovered was a new emotion, fear.

   The air began to change, he could feel a cloud of heat wrap itself around him, something was coming. His feathers involuntarily shook, making some of the animals below stop and look up at him with terrified eyes. He felt unable to move, his heart slowing to a whisper, as he tried to regain his power.

   The coming storm told of more, warm dry air; this was wrong. He needed to fly. Now! As he finally soared up through the canopy of trees he saw the licks of fire, and many humans. Too much fire. A tear formed in his black eyes, he knew he would never see his friends or home again.

This was a short story written using 7 words that my customers today chose for me, if you’d like to write your own story, here’s the words.


I’d love to read your stories. Link them in the comments.

Enjoy your writing.

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