Black Heart.

   The time had come. Somehow, he had always known it would end this way.

   He had always loved this house and the memories held here were special, filled with laughter, love, friends and his wonderful family. Jake sighed, as he watched the wind blowing dust, like sheets of silk across the porch. The porch had been the reason he had fallen in love with this place. He’d always imagined himself in a swing seat, gently strumming a guitar, with his wife sitting next to him, singing.  It had never happened, he didn’t even own a guitar, but he thought he would, one day. He smiled to himself; it was a good memory.

   Then he had met Luke, they had laughed a lot and became friends quickly, he even put up with losing some of his old friends, real friends. It turned out that they had seen Luke for what he was. He had too, but by then it was too late.

   Now he was sitting in his old family truck, alone. He watched the old sign, that had once taken pride of place, now hang, broken, swaying in the wind. A sign of a place being barren of love. He wanted to cry but his tears had dried up weeks ago. He felt numb, almost as if his heart had turned black and hard in his chest.

   He twisted to reach into the back of the truck and pulled out two books, they had been his wife’s favourites. In the front cover of the first one the inscription was simply, ‘I Love You.’ He had bought it for their first anniversary. He now added, ‘I still do.’. The second book there was no inscription, so he wrote, ‘I still hunger for you honey – find me.’ He jumped out of the truck and placed them by the back door.

   As he was leaving, he didn’t look back. He reached down and his fingers found the cold metal of his pistol. He was looking forward to the day he found Luke, he would take everything from him as Luke had done to him.


A story inspired by bwarren of using the following words. Hunger, Dust, family, wind, honey, books, broken, silk, black, truck, sign, leaving.


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