It was a light bulb moment for Tony, he threw the newspaper down onto the kitchen table, making the celery jump off it, then grabbed his hat. He was out of the house and walking along the gravel path in just a few strides. “Bloody gangsters” he muttered under his breath. “They need sorting!”

   He followed the path until he reached the crossroads and then followed the sign marked Town Centre. He didn’t need a signpost; he could find his way to their favourite pub with his eyes closed. He was one of them, or at least had been until recently.

   Finding himself in front of the ‘Old Oaks’ double doors, he took a deep breath and entered. Next to the bar on an old hat stand was Bill’s Homburg hat, and leant against the bar his pride and joy, a silver topped walking stick. He didn’t need a stick, he used it more like a swagger stick but it carried it like a badge of honour. It had been taken from one of his victims, back in his younger days. “Where is he?” Tony demanded.

   “Out the back, he’ll be back in a minute.” The barmaid replied.

   “Pour me a whisky, I can wait.” He reached out and picked up the stick, running his fingers over the fine silver top. He could feel eyes on him.

The back door opened and Bill walked towards him, his face dropped when he saw the stick in Tony’s hand. “Put that back. How dare you!”

   Tony looked him square in the eyes and in one swift movement, swung the stick at Bill’s knees. Bill fell to the ground. “There’s your message to the puppet master. Tell him he can keep my wife, but I’ll kill the next thug he sends to bother me.” He turned and walked out with his head held high, feeling better than he had in years. Looking down he realised he was still carrying the walking stick. He smiled to himself, wondering if Bill would ever have the nerve to come and get it back. He didn’t think so.


Thank you to @ColinGarrow for the challenge to write a short story.

You should go visit his page his stories are great.

As always if you’d like to have a go at your own story here are the words he gave me, then link them to the comments section:

Homburg hat, Walking Stick, newspaper, signpost, celery, gravel, light bulb, puppet, badge


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