Soul Magic.

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I closed my eyes and relaxed, leaning back against the step. It was a day where it felt good to be alive. Spring had arrived, the sun was warm and the sky blue. Birds flitted from tree to tree, enjoying the freedom of the season. Whilst nature flourished around me, I felt that I could rest.

   As I drifted into a gentle sleep; my mind weaving in and out of consciousness, I recalled stories that my father would tell me when I was a child. I could still picture him mouth forming the words that would weave their magic.

   I stepped through a door and instantly heard the scuffling of an animal. I got the sensation of warmth and comfort. It was an animal that was welcoming, not the scary type. I recognised the smell, it was my dog, my beautiful soul mate. A cold nose touched my hand and my heart fluttered. I ran my fingers over her smooth fur and ruffled the top of her head. She twisted and turned playfully under my touch.

   Boom! A sudden noise, so loud it made me jump and instantly pulled me from my dream. I rubbed my temples in response to the shock of waking. For just a moment the ghost of my best friend, my soul mate lingered. I smiled into the eyes of my faithful visitor. She turned, wagged her tail and then was gone.


Wordle #541 over at

Give it a go, here’s the words

Temples, Scuffling, Boom, Mouth, Stories, Step, Sky, Fluttered, Spring, Ghost, Door, Weaving.

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