Tim Hortons Dog.

You may or may not know what a huge fan I am of good coffee. If you’ve read any of my books (Alex Price series – the Community, Pictures of Deceit or After the Light, After the Love.) You may have guessed.

Well, doughnuts come in a close second too. Obviously, who doesn’t like them.

Many years ago I was in Canada for a considerable time and fell in love… with Tim Hortons. Recently they have come to the UK and I couldn’t be happier.

My dogs seem pretty happy too, that’s for sure. I believe I have found the new face of Tim Hortons.

Please don’t be concerned, he didn’t eat any of the chocolate but he loved the doughnut.

So if Tim Hortons need him, he is available for photo shoots, pay in food is fine and coffee for his human. 🤩


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