Warning to Dog Owners.

Lungworm Cases are rising. How do you protect your dogs?

Kennel Club Alert

Slugs and snails carry a nasty and potentially fatal disease called Lungworm, cause by the parasite, angiostrongylus vasorum. Cases are on the rise particularly in the UK at this time. Conditions for slugs and snails have been ideal combined with people coming out more with their dogs, which has helped to spread the disease.

Younger dogs are more at risk but all ages can be affected.

Your dogs does not need to eat the snail or slug, in fact dos generally find them disgusting but they can pick it up from anything the slime has been left on or in outside water sources. Bring your dogs toys in at night and do not allow them to drink from still water from outside. The larvae can be left on items that your dogs may eat or play with.

Please be aware.

The symptoms are different from dog to dog but generally :

Heavy breathing

coughing / blood in saliva

weight loss / loss of appetite




Seizures / unexplained collapsing.

If you are concerned please see your vet immediately.

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