Had to share this for all you doggie people. It’s that time of year again. Hop over and read the whole article. How easy it is to shop online? I spent the last 3 hours searching for an effective flea and tick repellant for the Duke. There are some new products on the market including […]


Originally posted on S C Richmond:
I sit looking out of the window, casting my gaze over the world. People scurrying from side to side of my vision. Everyone has somewhere to go, something to see, I watch lovers meet, children play, dog walkers and workers. It seems everyone has a purpose, Except me who…

The Friendship of Hares.

Originally posted on S C Richmond:
Steve Mackay Photography. ?? Somewhere in England, Trish walked the fields, taking some precious time for herself. Life had been far too busy recently. She looked skyward and noticed the faint signs of a moonrise, she finally began to feel herself unwind and feel more at peace. She lay…

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