The Friendship of Hares.

S C Richmond

Steve Mackay Photography.

Somewhere in England, Trish walked the fields, taking some precious time for herself. Life had been far too busy recently. She looked skyward and noticed the faint signs of a moonrise, she finally began to feel herself unwind and feel more at peace. She lay down in the grass to watch the moon for a while, as it traced its path across the azure blue sky. Her thoughts began to slow as she drifted into a gentle sleep

When she opened her eyes, she froze, she was momentarily discombobulated whilst her mind scrambled to recall where she was, then her confusion settled. She also had the sensation that she was being watched. She checked the sky, the moon had moved and the sky was beginning to darken to hues of pink and red, she didn’t move. She didn’t want whoever was watching her to realise she was…

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