The Friendship of Hares. Part 2

S C Richmond

The hare leapt and danced into the woods; this was her special place. The last of the snowdrops had disappeared and plants everywhere were stirring into life. Colour was returning to the world and she was happy.

Looking upwards she saw her friend, the woodpecker, he was busy enjoying his fill of oak flowers under a green canopy of leaves. She wanted to tell him about the new friend that she had met when the sun last set, a human, a kind one. It had been an adventure for her filled with magic. Sadly, he was far too distracted to even notice she was there below him.

She moved onto the neighboring field; the fragrance of wild garlic swept over her. She would love to eat some, but it would make her sick and today she was too happy to let that happen. She felt gentle spots of rain tickle…

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