Dogs and Grass.

Here is some advice from me and from the PDSA.

Grass seed can be a real problem if your dogs like to run in grassy areas. It could cause you to need to spend a lot of money at the vets to remove or even cause some really serious problems.

Prevention is always better than cure, and cheaper too.

Grass seed.

Grass seeds might look small and harmless, but in the wrong place, they can cause a great deal of trouble. If your dog has been running in long grass, always check them for grass seeds afterwards, and remove any that you find, especially in between the toes, round their armpits and near their eyes. If you find one stuck, or a wound/swelling that looks like it could contain one, book an appointment with your vet. It’s important to remove grass seeds quickly, because their pointy shape enables them to pierce through skin, enter the body and travel around causing problems such as infections and abscesses.

Grass seeds often cause problems in the ears, between toes, behind eyelids and sometimes, under the skin and around the body.

  • Ears: If your dog has a grass seed in their ear, you may notice them scratching it, or shaking their head.
  • Eyes: If your dog has a grass seed stuck behind their eyelid, they are likely to develop a painful, weepy eye.
  • Paw: If your dog has a grass seed between their toes, they might excessively lick or nibble their paw, and overtime you might notice a swelling.
  • Elsewhere: A grass seed travelling around the body is likely to cause vague symptoms such as a non-healing wound, low energy and an intermittent high temperature.

Always check your dog for grass seeds after walks in long grass.

Check your pets and save a trip to the vets.


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