Diabetes in Dogs.

Dogs can be affected by diabetes just the same as humans.

We are all guilty of giving our dogs treats and probably too many of them. Especially over lockdown when they were our constant companions even for a marathon binge watch of our favourite movies. Who doesn’t share their treats!

But now an increasing number of dogs and their owners are paying the price. Sadly diabetes in dogs in increasingly common.

Diabetes can be hard to spot in pets, so look out for some key signs:

  • Drinking more than normal
  • Weeing more than normal (usually because they’re drinking so much)
  • Increased appetite
  • Weight loss (even though they seem to eat more)
  • Seeming under the weather or depressed
  • Being off their food
  • Vomiting (with other symptoms of diabetes).

Remember to go to your vet if you think your pet may have diabetes.

You know your dog best, if they don’t have the symptoms listed above but you are still concerned it’s always best to contact your vet.


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