It was their first road trip together. They had no idea how it would go but since they had spent their lives apart thus far, it was time to share what time they could, together.

   Joe and Jo (I know, you couldn’t make this stuff up!)  were about to travel roads previously untravelled and discover their roots. They were both findlings, Jo had been left outside a police station and Joe on a park bench outside the keeper’s hut. Thanks to DNA tests they had found each other and discovered that they had the same parents, then run into more siblings. Neither knew how they felt about any of it. They chatted constantly about their lives, which were amazingly similar. There was much laughter and sometimes they had to feign interest but the chain of events that led them here had been a life changing journey.

   The night before they were due to meet their parents they camped on a beach. They made sand angels, laughed, cried and their thirst for each others stories was immense. When the talking was done they lay on the sand listening to the waves crashing onto the beach, watching the stars put on a light show just for them. Each of them taking a deep breath and wishing on every shooting star they saw. Their lives would never be the same again.


Wordle #556 from The Sunday Whirl.

Why not check it out and have a go yourself, the words for this week are…

Roads, Stories, Breath, Roots, First, Thirst, Chain, Share, Run, Feign, Stars, Apart.


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