Soul Keeper.

In the distance, a thin willowy figure emerged from the mist. Her head bowed and her hands working at a string of beads, her pace never wavered. As she walked, almost glided, her lips moved, her way to pray. She had known great hardship in her life, her only solace was found in prayer. She would never acknowledge anyone; she was somehow in a time and space beyond our world, she walked with the spirits.  Long gone souls that were now lost to most people, no more than myths on gossips lips.

Today, though, she did something no-one had ever witnessed before. 

Her face, glum as ever turned slowly towards the sound of trickling water and beautiful birds. Their chorus a sweet sound that came through the air as almost a soothing hum.  She stooped at the stream, hesitating, taking in her new surroundings before plunging her hands into her pocket to retrieve three bones, which she immediately cast into the stream whilst muttering an unknown chant. She straightened herself up and a low painful growl escaped from her mouth, she threw her head back. Her shape slowly changing as she began to run deep into the woods, to be swallowed again by the mist from which she had emerged.  

The souls of the lost, safe for another phase of the moon.

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