After the Light, After the Love

After the Light, After the Love.   S C Richmond 2017 – ISBN 978-1-78723-164-1

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The Blurb –

‘Is There A Price For Happiness?’

This is the most dangerous story that local journalist, Alex Price, has taken on so far and this time it’s personal.

Fifty years of love culminate in the magical wedding ceremony between Jack and Mary, a day full of love and laughter, but it will also offer up dark opportunities. Amidst the party atmosphere, as dusk falls, bridesmaid, Lily, is abducted from the celebrations.

Alex will need all of her ingenuity to get to the bottom of this story, which involves far more than she ever thought possible.

Will love triumph or will there be a price to pay for such happiness?


 19 October 2017
In After the Light, After the Love, we find Alex struggling to deal with multiple issues. Slightly darker than the other two books in the Alex Price series, but well worth joining Alex for her journey.
As usual S C Richmond writes with grace and a love for her well rounded characters. The story is fast paced and packed with emotion and intrigue. We meet old friends and new enemies.
As ever, I’m not going to write any spoilers in my review, so will just say enjoy the book!
5.0 out of 5 stars Just brilliant
 10 November 2017
This is the 3rd novel I’ve read from the same author and as with the previous 2 it’s another brilliant read, the author has the ability to make you live and feel the emotions of the characters (had me in tears more than once) I couldn’t put it down, even woke in the night and read more… Hope she has another one in the pipeline very soon
5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn’t put it down.
 22 October 2017
A real page turner that takes you through a sea of emotions. You can’t help but care deeply for the characters. A great read, highly recommended.
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