Long To Reign Over Us.

Queen Elizabeth II.

My Queen, I’ve never known any different. She has been a constant in my life.

I was proudly a subject of my monarch.

She will be sadly missed by the majority of the country.

She reigned with an elegance that few will ever be able to emulate.

She was kind, thoughtful, dedicated and had a great sense of humour.

Her love of horses, dogs and wildlife was well documented and her way to ground herself and allow her to have a private life.

Ma’am you will be missed and I hope you know you were loved by so many.

Thank you for all of the smiles, laughs and making us a country to be proud of.

Now it is time for you to meet up with the love of your life, Prince Philip. He’ll be waiting to welcome you. 💖

His gain is our loss.

RIP my Queen.

A Summer Night.

A Summer Night In Old Hyde Park.

   I was in London. It was Sunday the seventh of July. It was hot and the sky was that perfect uninterrupted blue that is only seen on the best of summer days, accompanied by the gentlest of breezes. Hyde Park was bubbling with excitement, everyone getting in early to bag themselves the best view of the stage. At five foot two, I really needed to get a place early before a six foot four drag queen got installed in my line of view. I wasn’t about to give up this experience without a fight. I had waited almost forty years for this moment.

   Acts came and went, everyone was smiling, singing and enjoying themselves. There were snacks served from an array of stalls, food from around the globe. I took it all in, flavours, fragrance, textures and above all the sounds. My senses tingled as the bright blue sky gently faded into a pinky sunset. As the light began to leave the day the excitement grew.

   The stage went black. Then suddenly the lights came up and in bright pink she strode confidently to center stage, and it began. The screams rang out around the park, then that perfect solitary voice. “I don’t know why I’m frightened; I know my way around here. It’s not quite dark in old Hyde Park, but you’re here…”

   My evening with Barbra Streisand was everything I hoped it would be, and so much more.

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