Oh, What a Lovely Murder

Ever since Blackwood’s Magazine published Thomas De Quincey’s satirical essay, ‘On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts’, in 1827, the British (and of course the rest of the world) have been fascinated by the slaughter of our fellow man in all its many permutations and variations. De Quincey’s musings were prompted by the […]

Oh, What a Lovely Murder

Sun Numbers 1 – 3

So now you have worked your sun number out it’s time to find out what it means for you. How other people perceive you and hope you can be aware of your shadow side. Which you may or may not wish to try to hide away.

Sun Number 1 –

You are seen as being self sufficient, competitive and independent. People will shy away from offering to help you because you don’t need them, or that’s what they think. You can come across as aloof and a little demanding. You’re tough and you’re proud of that aspect of your personality.

Sun Number – 2

People will see you as really easy going, you’re kind to everyone. People want to be your friend. Take care though because you are also sensitive therefore open to being hurt. You are good at weighing people up and generally know more than you let on, this can unnerve some people.

Sun Number – 3

You are a social butterfly, always surrounded by people and they love your incredible sense of humour. You are also very open, you don’t understand about keeping things to yourself. This isn’t too much of a problem alongside your other traits you are also smart. Be aware of your moods, even social butterflies have down days and people will pick up on them easily and you can affect their moods. If you’re not happy those around you won’t be either.

Numerology – Sun Number

The next thing we can learn from numerology is our attitude, how other perceive us on meeting. This will show us how we appear to others, it’s not always as we wish. But armed with some information we have the ability to soften some of our natural edges. This helps shapre our personality.

This is a very simplified reading.

This is where you use your birth date. take the numbers of your day you were born then add them together, keep going until you have a single number. you only need to use the day and the month.

For example if you were born on the 23rd of September it would read

23/09. 2 + 3 + 9 = 14, then 1 + 4 = 5. So 5 would be your sun number or sometimes known as the attitude number.

Master numbers are not an issue in this reading, just the straight forward 1-9.

Summer Solstice 2020

This is the dawn of a new blog from Man, Myth & Magik, there couldn’t possibly be a more auspicious day to begin… So today we send out merry midsummer blessings. May you find peace and pleasure in the long lazy summer days. Thank you for joining us…

Summer Solstice 2020

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Numerology Life Path

Back again with the meanings behind the master numbers. 11 & 22 are very special life paths and are seen as the masters. Read on for the meanings of these blessed people.

If you don’t know your number yet here’s the grid to get you started. Allocate a number to each letter in your name, then add the numbers together untill you reach a single digit. Unless of course you end up with an 11 or 22. Use the name you were given on your birth certificate. That’s the most important point, this will give you your life path number. All other readings will be covered in later posts.

Life Path 11 –

PLease understand that this is a higher vibration of the number 2. The number of spiritual enlightenment. You are intuitive and gentle. You understand the mysteries of the earth and it comes easily to you to live that life. You have the ability to see beyond the walls that people put up and understand the real driving force behind people.

Your shadow side is that you are a dreamer, try to stay grounded. You also carry a number of phobias and fears. Try to realise that these are only generated by your own mind. Be aware that your ability to see things others can’t may freak people out.

Life path 22 –

This is a higher vibration of the number 4. Sages and visionaries are marked by this number. Success and the ability to put your ideas into action. You have wisdom and practicality. This is a remarkable number indeed. You are blessed by the universe.

Your shadow side is your fear of failure, this can be debilitating at times and can cause you to lose your way. Don’t fear too much because a 22 will always find their way back to where they should be.

Numerology Life Path

Today we will look at life path numbers 7 – 9

Hopefully this will give you a little insight into numerology. I also hope you enjoy getting to know this way of finding out more and understanding yourself a little better.

Life Path 7 –

Loners are found amongst number 7’s, problem solvers with a love of nature. Science could be a deep interest but so too can spiritual beliefs.

Your shadow side could make you pessimistic, aloof and seen to be a little high and mighty. Also be careful because this number is the easiest to fall into addictions.

Life Path 8 –

success is your watchword, status is important to you. Honesty and truth is never in question. You are perfect for running a business, even if you start small you will always strive for greater achievements.

Your shadow side is a lack of romance, relationships could be difficult for you. You are also stubborn. Try to learn to take advice, you don’t want to but it could be to your advantage.

Life Path 9 –

Wisdom and kindness and diplomacy are the 9’s watchwords. They like to take care of everyone, they have a natural instinct to see into peoples souls and sort the good from bad.

Their shadow side is they give too much love but do not know how to ask for the same in return, often believing they are unworthy of love. They find inequality unbearable.

That explains your life path numbers but there are two more which are master numbers… I’ll tell all next time.

Be happy, be kind

Afterwards AKA Bitter Sweet



We emerge, blinking, into a new world. Sunshine kisses our pale skin and assaults our senses.
Freedom feels unnatural.
Sloth like we check our surroundings,  seeing things in a new light. Suddenly appreciating the things we previously took for granted.
Someone comes into view. We hesitate as we look at each other, we smile, still wary of getting too close, but wanting to engage. We allow each other to pass. Emotions overlap, it will take time for the fear to leave us.
We cry a little, sorrow for the human race.
We keep walking.  Taking in businesses that are still locked down. Will they ever return or are they too just blinking and feeling their way into a new world.
There are few people around, leaving towns looking post apocalyptic.  The eerie silence is deafening. In the distance, the sound of an engine, but no sign of a vehicle. The breeze carries the sound from who know how far, it dies away. The sound overtaken by a birds cry, nature has never seemed so loud.
Hedges overgrown and front gardens being reclaimed by nature. We may never again get the chance to appreciate the sheer beauty of stillness but the cost of that appreciation is too high a price to pay.

Numerology Life Path

Moving on to the next group of life path numbers and meanings, today 4 -6

Hopefully this will give you a little insight into numerology. I also hope you enjoy getting to know this way of finding out more and understanding yourself a little better.

Life Path 4 –

You’re practical, have a good work ethic which is lucky because you enjoy work. You are not one for taking chances. Hard work is your way. You are resourceful and love a challenge.

Your shadow side is that you will take on more than you can sometimes cope with and you expect everyone to work as hard as you do. You may find you have sleep problems.

Life Path 5 –

Freedom, motivation, change and sensuality are your path. You pick up well on spiritual matter and like to experience life using you senses, particularly touch. You have the soul of a gypsy.

Your shadow side will show you to get bored easily. Sometime you can be seen as fickle and flighty. You will try to avoid responsibility.

Life Path 6 –

Responsibility, nurturing and compassion are your traits. Truly a loving soul. Home, family and friends are important to you and you will defend those you care about to the hilt. Teaching and nursing would be a great career path for you.

Your shadow side will find you out of balance, you tend to do too much for people at the cost of yourself. Stop putting people on a pedestal and let them make some mistakes. Being a perfectionist can come over as controlling. Be aware.

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