It’s starting…

Baby steps, it’s the way it has to be, but slowly a new book is emerging. Slowly, word by word I am pulling a new tale together and this one may just keep you awake at night. It’s going to take time but I am enjoying getting back to writing. I can feel that spark inside just begin to swell into a flame.


So if it seems like I’ve fallen off the edge of my blog, it’ll be because I’m wrestling that octopus.

Keep writing…

Lovers, Liars, Friends or Foe.

S C Richmond

People cross your path for a reason,

Lovers, liars, friends and foe,

But how do you know who is who?

Do you trust them all and wait and see

Or trust no one ’til they prove which way they will be?

Be careful who you allow into your life,

the line between friend and foe

or lover or liar is gossamer fine.

Is the lesson learned yet or is there still a way to go?


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Must Try Harder.

I’ve just read a great post on reasons we don’t get that new book finished and it got me thinking about all of the stupid things we do to avoid the blank page. We’re all guilty of many of these, me more than most recently. So this is a reminder that these really are excuses and not reasons for getting on with our current works in progress…

How many have you used?

I’m too tired

I’ve worked hard today, I need a break

I need to eat (this can be big distraction!)


It’s too noisy, I need quiet!

I’ve just got to phone a friend.

I’m out of ideas

I just want to watch that new program on TV

writing quotes

I haven’t checked Twitter/facebook for at least 15 minutes!

I only have rubbish ideas

That game on my phone needs to be played or someone might beat me.

I need more coffee


The dog needs walking

It’s too cold

It’s too late to start writing

No one makes a living out of this, what’s the point.


Do you recognise yourself in here? If so just remember, writers write and waiters wait. There are no reasons just excuses, so pick up that pen and get started, there’s a world of readers that are waiting for your new book.

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That Extra Hour.

For one hour today we got to relax, do nothing or use it to create something out of nothing. So what did you do with your invisible hour?

Mandy decided to make the most of her extra hour and laid the kitchen table up for a proper breakfast, today she had time before she went to work. She hated working on a Sunday but she had to pay the bills, so she did what her bosses wanted. She sang along to the radio as she placed the cutlery for 4 people and then she placed a saucer of milk down on the floor. This breakfast would be perfect.

She cooked bacon and eggs and smiled as she served the food up. Her guests this morning were her father, Sue, a friend she hadn’t seen for years, her husband and the milk for the cat. It would be perfect.

Mandy sat at the table and ate her breakfast, but as with the time, her guests were invisible too. People from the past and imaginary people she wished for her future and an invisible cat.


Anne Lamott – 12 Truths

I’ve just seen this and thought it was worth a share. Lovely, warm, funny and comforting. If only we were all so wise.

I hope you enjoy this, I know I did.

Thanks to TED talks for the video.

Brass Monkeys.

It’s Brass Monkeys out there…

I only mention this because it’s been said to me a few times today and it really is brass monkeys out there! Here’s where the term came from as far as we know.

The story goes that cannonballs used to be stored aboard ship in piles, on a brass frame or tray called a ‘monkey’. In very cold weather the brass would contract, spilling the cannonballs: hence very cold weather is ‘cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey’. There are several problems with this story, as follows:

  • the term ‘monkey’ is not otherwise recorded as the name for such an object
  • the rate of contraction of brass in cold temperatures is unlikely to be fast enough to cause the reputed effect
  • the phrase is actually first recorded as ‘freeze the tail off a brass monkey’, which removes any essential connection with balls.

It therefore seems most likely that the phrase is simply a humorous reference to the fact that metal figures will become very cold to the touch in cold weather.

Info pinched with thanks from the Oxford dictionaries.


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