Lucky For Some.

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are. Failure, Attic & Beer.

Lucky For Some

They had to move, Josh knew it although he didn’t like the idea, he’s recently lost his job and they couldn’t afford the big house anymore, to make life easier on both of them they had decided to downsize. After all, why had they ever needed five bedrooms when there was just the two of them. It was no more than a status symbol, initially Sarah had hated the size of the house but soon came to like it when she got in a housekeeper and a gardener, she had enjoyed getting someone else to do the work whilst she sat around and enjoyed it, it gave her time to do her hobbies too, she liked to collect antiques and there was a lot of space here to display them all. She soon learned to enjoy all of the trappings of being a rich man’s wife.

Josh went up into the attic, he thought it would be the best place to start clearing out their junk. He would miss the house, it fitted him like a glove, he enjoyed the garden and loved nothing more than to sit in his man shed and drink beer whilst watching the local wildlife running around his garden. He felt sad about leaving it behind, he felt like a failure now all of the trappings of wealth had to be left behind. He climbed the stairs to the attic and at the top of the stairs he was faced with shelves of junk, he never understood why Sarah had to buy all of this stuff, most of it wasn’t even pretty.  He spent a couple of hours filling black bin liners with things they would never need again, then he saw it the big old wooden sarcophagus that Sarah had insisted on buying a few months ago. He hated it and would gladly get rid of it, it would be the first thing to go, he wrestled it down the narrow staircase all the time wondering what Sarah would say when she saw it going. She had turned into a spoilt rich girl, she hadn’t always been like that but now she would need to learn to live within her means again, it would be okay they weren’t completely broke yet and selling the house would cover all of their loans and debts. As he turned to go up the stairs again he heard Sarah come into the house, he ran for the stairs, he wanted to avoid an arguement over the wooden box. As he ascended the stairs he could hear her talking to herself, berating him for moving the sarcophagus, he ignored her and carried on to sort out more junk.

He emerged from the attic an hour later and took the sarcophagus outside into the garden, he put a sledgehammer through it with pleasure, doused it in petrol and set light to it.

Sarah was nowhere to be seen but the phone was ringing, he went to the kitchen and answered it. His old boss was offering him his job back, the company’s fortunes had turned around and he could also have a salary increase. He sat down stunned.

He never saw Sarah again but since he destroyed that heap of junk his life had turned around. He did ponder on the connection…





The day gently dawns. I sit behind my window with the net curtains pushed off to one side and watch as Jack Frost kisses his surroundings and leaves everything he touches coated in a dusting of frozen dew, gradually as the light grows stronger the surroundings appear starker, whiter and less romantic. My gaze falls beyond the frost kissed trees and bushes and settles on the field, soon people will start appearing, walking their dogs and making their way to work and the day will open up much as any other but in these moments the world is still and there is no one here except for me.

This is the time of the day where I could easily believe that I am the only person in the world or that there are endless possibilities to be had in this day, something amazing could happen or it could be the day I leave this earth. Such thoughts flit through my mind and I find cold comfort in them as I pull my dressing gown a little tighter around me. Who would miss me if I were to die, here, now, would I be found or would I be left here to lie untouched for weeks, maybe months? If I were no longer here would the days still be the same, would Jack Frost continue his quest of covering the world in white or would all of this beauty die with me? As this morbid line of thought flits across my consciousness I hear the echoing bark of the first dog of the day and catch the blur of a ball flying across my line of vision, swiftly followed by a scruffy black dog bounding in the same direction. I envy dogs it doesn’t take much to make them happy, if only it was so easy with humans. The dog’s owner comes into view, easy to spot in pink and red leggings. I push myself out of my chair and raise my arm, waving to her but she’s just too far away to notice me, I wonder if she knows that I watch her every morning as she exercises her dog. I’ve never met her but in my mind she has a happy name like Lucy or Sally and she works as a nurse, she looks kind, helpful, happy, just the kind of person that everyone would like and look up to, I’d like to meet her one day just to see if I’m right, I’ve built her a complete life in my own mind, with a big family and friends, I hope she lives it well.

Shortly afterwards others arrive, I sit here counting them in and counting them back out again and still not one of them notices me sitting here observing them, sometimes two or more of them will stop and chat, if they happen to look my way I wave at them but they never seem to see me, it’s an awful feeling being invisible.

I have my other window on the world in the form of my computer, there I have people who call themselves friends but they have never visited me or sat alongside me with a cup of tea asking about my life or how I am feeling, still it’s better than having no one at all to talk to. I try to stretch out my useless old leg but it’s too stiff and refuses to work anymore. It feels cruel that the body ages and disintegrates whilst my mind is still so fresh and eager to be used but sadly people don’t see beyond the shell. I look up but all of the dog walkers have moved on now and the frost is starting to disappear, uncovering the sight of a lush green field.

One of these days I will be free of this stiff old body and my spirit will once more run over the fields alongside the dogs and soar above them amongst the birds, that day ever closer.



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Pictures Of Deceit – Blurb +

S C Richmond

Just a quick update in case you haven’t read it yet. Available worldwide.

Pictures Of Deceit

Internationally renowned art dealer, Michael Masters, returns home to Charmsbury with his long awaited ‘Starlight’ exhibition.
What should have been a relaxing evening turns into a nightmare for Alexandra Price, local journalist, when she appears to have been the last person to have seen Michael Masters before he vanished.
The boundaries of friendship will be pushed to the limits during Alex’s foray into the art world. Has she been set up? Or could the body that washes up really be that of the famous art dealer?
Join Alex and her friends on an exciting and perilous chase across the globe to discover the truth.


It’s a stand alone story with the same characters as ‘The Community’. Michael Masters is a hot shot art dealer and Alex is in trouble, she races to France…

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Be Careful What You Wish For…

She wished she could hold her tongue but she had been prodded and ridiculed one time too many but her workmates, she knew she was different and she was already bored with shop work anyway and thought she’d got nothing to lose, so she walked.

Now she would have to find somewhere new to live and work out a new way to survive. There would be no more treats, flash nights out, good holidays, life would have to go back to basics and she didn’t know where to start. There was little money in the bank to fall back on, she had always liked to live well, she began to panic.

She walked along the road looking at the homeless people sat in doorways and wondered if she would be joining them soon, then at the people sat inside cafes with no work to go to, how could they afford to do that?

She was no longer bored, she was frightened about the future.

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I sit down at my desk to write,

Silence, perfect…

Just what I need to continue with my manuscript.

The birds are tweeting outside the window, such a pretty sound,

a pretty bird perches on the window sill, I don’t know what it is but I grab my phone to get a picture, so pretty.

It’s okay because the computer is still loading.

I’ll just post this bird’s picture on Instagram from my phone, someone will tell me what it is.

I sit down in front of my computer and open up the document, to begin writing.

Ping, I reach for my phone an email, nothing to worry about.

I check Instagram… nothing. I’ll just check facebook as they are linked, nothing about the bird there.

But there are some game requests, I’ll just send some lives and gifts out to my friends.

I turn back to the computer, it’s timed out. I reload.

Whilst I wait I’ll send a tweet and say hello to the world.

Okay now I’m ready to go, I poise my fingers over the keyboard, ready to go …

The phone rings, business, no I have to go back to work…

Word count : 0.

Haunted Ferrari

The Ferrari stopped and the tinted window opened to reveal nothing. The bell boy from the hotel couldn’t believe his eyes, it seemed there was no one in the car. He wasn’t stupid he knew self drive cars hadn’t come this far, these type of cars were for the super rich and they liked to drive their cars and be seen to be doing it. He didn’t want to approach the car what if it was haunted, he shook his head, no he’d just been reading too many horror books. There must be a rational explanation. He slowly approached the car, tentatively, he had to admit to himself he was a little spooked, it was probably just one of his friends having a laugh. Having thought that he felt braver although at the back of his mind he knew he didn’t have friends that owned cars like this one.

As he came to the door he heard a click and the door slowly opened, still he couldn’t see anyone, he put on his bravest voice “Hello, can I help.” It came out as a small voice but he reached forward to hold the door and dipped his head to look inside.

He was instantly pulled in, the door slammed and the car drove away. All that was left was a nametag on the concrete drive with a single spot of blood on his name.

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What are you most frightened of?

Mandy would have replied with the obvious, spiders & snakes on any other day but today was different, today she had witnessed her first dead body and it was playing on her mind, today she would answer death. The pain and misery that was left behind with the haunting memories, suddenly she was questioning life and death.

In her job she had never expected to encounter a dead body, she was at her desk in the car wash garage where she had worked for three years and suddenly there was a shout, she went to see what was happening. The guys that valeted the cars were gathered around an old Ford Escort, those things were almost classics now, she approached the car, Bri tried to stop her getting near but he failed, the boot was up and inside was the body of a young girl. Not just any young girl this was Amanda, her face had been all over the newspapers for the past week and now here she was, in the boot of the car. There was a lot of activity as the police turned up and questioned everyone and they took the car and the body away.

Since then Mandy had been having nightmares and couldn’t bear the thought of the pain the girl may have gone through before her death. She’d never really thought about dying before but now she could think of nothing else, it filled her with an irrational fear that she just couldn’t shake off. She started to wonder about her own death because surely it was inevitable, the one thing we all had in common.

Today when asked, she answered that her biggest fear was dying and you could see the truth of that in her eyes.

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Fully Furnished Apartment.

This is part of a 3 word challenge that I like to do, it warms me up so I can get on with my writing of Book 3 (I will give it a title soon). Occasionally I do one that I like, those are the ones I will share with you.

Would you like to have a go? Use these 3 words and link it to my page, have fun.

The 3 words for this are. Hate, Table, Apartment.

Fully Furnished Apartment.

The apartment was beautiful, the building was new but the furniture was antique, most of it looked gothic to her but she was no expert, all she knew was that it looked stunning. In the dining area sat the most stunning furniture in the whole apartment, a table and chairs, such beautiful carving on the chairs and the table legs it held her spellbound. She had to touch it, run her fingers over the carvings of vines and curlicues, as she did she noticed the legs in the middle of the table, the carving was a little different, but intriguing, there were faces. She leaned in and touched the wood, her head swam. She must have felt dizzy from bending down too quickly.

She  held the table leg and steadied herself, she felt a sudden pain in her hand. She thought it was a splinter untill she pulled her hand away and saw the blood, wiping her hand on her jeans revealed teeth marks. How? She looked back at the table leg and there amongst the vines was a carved face grinning back at her. In her head she heard the words ‘Now go!  I  hate you! Go’.

She ran…

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