Strange Happenings.

Strange Happenings.

The heat radiates from inside, a ball of fire formed by my own hand and will. I stare at it in awe.

Distracted, I feel the change of atmosphere, and as I look towards the hall-way I’m sure I see a shadow, instinctively I throw the fire ball, the only weapon I have.

A shape slowly emerges and moves towards me, stopping abruptly as the ball hits it, gently the fire illuminates the interloper, giving it definition for a moment, then it disappears.

What was it, it felt almost familiar, a memory or an ancestor visiting?

Again, I hear the same swish of air in the hall, looking up I see the shadow again. I summon up another fire ball, in a flash I realise that I could feel it pull from my heart, not my core as I’d thought. This summoning took only seconds as my heart beat faster.

I threw it and again the outline formed on the shadow, then I knew, I was certain. I knew that shape as well as I knew my own.

I leap to my feet and reached for it. I mustn’t let you disappear before I have chance to hold you one last time.



A tsunami of emotions slammed into her, swiftly and deadly.

Momentarily the world turned watercolour grey.

But in the blink of an eye, a miracle, smiles followed.

Memories, as painful as they were sweet,

Burst forth and flowed greedily through her heart.

Tears pooled in her eyes,

Then as gently as a budding tropical waterfall…


Everything That Will Tempt You to Quit Writing and How to Deal with It

Originally posted on A Writer’s Path:  Pursuing a career in writing comes with plenty of obstacles. Overcoming those obstacles — especially when your barriers involve other people — can be overwhelming. The stress of trying to Make Writing Happen can be draining enough to force you to consider quitting. Even though you shouldn’t! Here…

Everything That Will Tempt You to Quit Writing and How to Deal with It

Animal Instinct.

Pure joy.

My dogs run on the hard winter earth, pure enjoyment without thinking of connections or putting down roots and grounding themselves.
I watch in awe of their pure joy at running, tumbling and playing.
I wonder why we cannot do this. We feel the need to centre ourselves, to breathe, to feel at one with the earth. All conscious thoughts and feelings.
Animals have an instant connection, so why can’t we.

‘Animal instinct, teaches humans to live simply and enjoy the ground we walk upon.’

Lazy Days.

Lying out on her bed, she thinks of all the loves and losses in her life. It’s been a rollercoaster ride. Still the days she remembers are the lazy days, spent in her lovers arms. Those are the sweetest moments the tender hair stroking and the loving glances.

People always told her that at the moments she would think of most were the ones that were filled with things she should have done. They were so wrong.

She knew now as her life came to a close that the moments she she treasured most were the ones she held onto tightly. The moments of love, kindness and laughter.

The only sadness was that for her they were all over. All the love was now behind her but she still had the memories of the lazy days.

The End.

Be Your Best Self.

There’s a new service, now open to everyone. Glastonbury has been lucky to have Soul to itself for many years but now he is offering his unique healing talents to the rest of the world.

Here is a little bit about Soul in his own words…

Having worked on myself for many years, healing past traumas, abuse, social conditioning and learning how to step in to my sovereignty, I am here to offer you  a wide range of tools, workshops and sessions, either in groups or one to ones depending on your own individual requests and needs, to teach, empower and guide you to tune in to your inner wisdom and guidance so you can become and blossom in becoming the highest, greatest version of yourself and step into your true power and sovereignty.

My sessions are intuitively led using a wide range of techniques that include  Guided Meditations, Sound Vibration, Past  Life Regression, Ancestral Healing, Shamanic Sound and Drumming, Connecting with the Elements, Mother Earth, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, the Animal Kingdom, Usui Reiki and Source.

It is my passion and calling to hold space and facilitate such offerings so you too can recreate, do the inner-work, release and stand in ones knowing.

Whatever you are looking  for, be it personal  growth, healing, releasing, manifesting, life coaching, guidance, or learning to connect with spirit –


 Lets begin and go on a souls journey together upon the land and rediscover your true calling and potential. 


The Amulet.

I yawn and stretch in the bright sunshine, my hand comes into contact with stone. For a moment I cannot recall where I am. The sun is high in the blue of the sky, I look around, I was sure this isn’t where I went to sleep. I move my fingers to better feel what I had in my hand. My fingers wrapped themselves around something small and smooth. I smiled. With my other hand I shielded my eyes to glace across to the item, it was glassy and blue, shaped like a sphere. In that moment i remembered picking it up at a local shop. I didn’t recall buying it or anything that had got me to this point.

Looking around, as my eyes began to focus in the bright light, I found myself in a field, alone. My mind raced, how, why, when? I couldn’t find an answer but I felt unnerved, the amulet now feeling like it was pulsing in my hand, getting warmer. I opened my hand and allowed it drop to the floor.

It shattered into what seemed like a never ending shower of droplets, a rain storm or glass scattering, falling. How could something so small do this, my head began to spin. A blur of colour spun in front of me and I slowly, tentatively opened my eyes.

A pair of deep blue eyes stared down in to mine, a mouth moving but I couldn’t hear a sound. This was a stranger with beautiful eyes, I tried to speak but no sound came to my lips. I panicked and tears formed in eyes. I tried to see around the beautiful stranger, there was no longer any blue sky just bright lights. Now my amulet had gone everything had changed.

I was no longer me, the lights were dimming and I was lost.

In a moment everything can change.

The Hallow Man – Review.


The Hallow Man by Paul Devine.

As you will have seen if you follow my blog, I did a post on this book when it was released. But now its my chance to let you know what I really thought of the book.

I was intrigued by the blurb for this novel and it didn’t disappoint. From the first page it was good. The characters are well rounded and believable, although I found myself constantly trying to get my tongue around the name so stuck with Tarm. I could manage that 😀.

Mr Devine certainly knew the 80’s too, it really did feel like I was there with them. I love it when an author gets the atmosphere right.

So the book there’s little I can say as I don’t want to spoil it for any of you so I will as usual just add the blurb that the author provided, but that is no cop out. It’s a terrific first novel and an author to watch.

Just buy this book, you’ll be glad you did.

The Blurb –

1954. Two promising Sheffield students disappear without trace. After seven years they are pronounced missing, presumed dead.

Thirty years later, in 1984, Seb, another student vanishes. Two of his friends, Ptarmigan and Gerda, were with him. But they have a strange amnesia about the events leading up to his disappearance.

By 2014, Ptarmigan has collected enough clues about the tragedy to persuade Seb’s still-grieving ex-partner, Rita, back to Sheffield to find out what happened all those years ago.

As they move closer to the answers, Gerda, Ptarmigan and Rita soon discover that their lives have also been contaminated by a far more mundane, far more human antagonist.

Their investigations take them from the writings of Aldous Huxley to a pilgrimage by a group of 12th Century monks. From a pamphlet by an obscure Elizabethan nobleman to Victorian architectural riddles concealed in the old Sheffield General Cemetery. And local legends and years of press reports about a terrifying creature called The Hallow Man.

The Hallow Man is a tale of horror, myth, friendship, love, loss, and perhaps redemption that spans the centuries.

Find Them Dead – Review

4 out of 5 stars.

Find Them Dead by Peter James.

This was a nice easy read, exactly what I expect from Peter James. Good characters, good storyline and a relaxing read. If you like courtroom based books then you’ll enjoy this, if you don’t, well, maybe give this one a miss. It’s the 16th of the Roy Grace series, but that seemed a bit like an afterthought with this one. This won’t have you on the edge of your seat but as a holiday or bedtime read you won’t do much better. Peter James is always a safe bet for a good read.

The blurb…

Ending his secondment to London’s Met Police, Roy Grace gets a tip-off about a drugs mastermind operating out of Brighton. On his first day back in his old job, he is called to a seemingly senseless murder.

Gradually, Grace’s investigation draws him into the evil sphere of an utterly ruthless drug dealer on trial. A man prepared to order the death of anyone it takes to enable him to walk free from court.

Sitting in the jury is Meg Magellan, whose daughter’s life is being threatened by a stranger who tells her that if she ever wants to see her alive again, it is very simple. At the end of the trial, all she has to do is make sure the jury says just two words . . . Not guilty.

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