Do You Trust Love?

Do You Trust Love?

Mel looked out of her window, wistfully, there was a slight mist rolling in over the sea, her mind drifted to the previous year. She sighed, ahh sweet memories. That had been when she had met Sam, he was everything she could have asked for in a partner, kind and thoughtful, too thoughtful sometimes. He had moved to the coast after spending much of his life in the city and he loved the peace of the coastal village.

It had been an evening just like this that he had asked her to marry him, she had accepted, he had cooked for her and presented her with a beautiful diamond ring. She felt that she would burst with happiness. For a week they hadn’t left her beach house, they had talked, laughed and loved each other. For that week no one else existed in the world. Her sweetest memory was of them shedding their clothes and hand in hand jumping into the lake whilst the mist rolled over them and cloaked them in a white haze away from the rest of the world.

After eight days together there had been a knock at the door, it was late into the evening and Mel was unsure who would visit at this time but she thought it must be important. As she opened the door it was pushed into her, the force made her stumble backwards and she shouted. Sams face appeared at that very moment, then he turned and ran, then everything went dark.

She had no idea how much later it was but when she opened her eyes there was a man standing over her. “She’s coming round.” He shouted. Suddenly two more faces appeared in her view. “Miss are you okay?” He asked, he looked concerned.

“Yes I’m fine, who are you and what’s going on?” That was what she thought she had said but it seemed the words didn’t come out of her mouth so clearly.

“Is the ambulance on it’s way. She’s trying to talk.”

“Two minute away, keep talking to her.” A disembodied voice replied.

Suddenly things became clearer, she opened her mouth and words came out, so she tried again. “Who are you, whats going on?”

“I’m Jeff, a police officer, this is Dave and John, you hit your head.”

“No you pushed in through my door then I hit my head!” She retorted. “Why?”

“We were told that Sam Mitchell was here.”

“Yes, and…” That was the moment the ambulance crew turned up and started asking her stupid questions. After they looked her over and said she was fine, she got a chance to speak to the Jeff again.

“We’ve been looking for Sam for five months, he is wanted for the armed robbery of a jewellery shop, he left a woman dead and got away with a lot of high end jewels.”

Mel looked down at her hand. “Did you catch him?”

“No. He got away again.”

Mel took the ring off her finger. “Looks like you have one piece of jewellery back though.” She handed it to Jeff.



I’ll Get My Coat.


Diana had reached her seventy-third birthday, for many people this would have been a cause for celebration but Diana just wanted to stay at home and let the day pass uncelebrated. Les on the other hand, was not about to allow that to happen. Les lived in the flat three doors down from Diana and had always kept an eye on her, he thought she was a very special lady, Diana knew nothing of his thoughts.

Living in a big city most people kept themselves to themselves but today the fair was coming to town and Les wanted to make sure Diana marked her birthday, today he wouldn’t take no for an answer. His heart beat a little stronger just thinking about spending an afternoon with her and having their own adventure at the fair on the school grounds. A school they had both gone to when they were children, he had loved her then too.

He put on his best suit and went to see Diana bearing a birthday card and a bunch of red roses. Diana opened the door and smiled. “Les, come in. How dashing you look.”

“Happy Birthday Diana.” He smiled and offered his gift to her. “I would like to escort you to the fair.”

She really did smile at that offer. “Les, we’re in our seventies, what on earth would we be going to a fair for?”

“I was too scared to ask when we were young and I’ve always regretted not having the courage, at our age we should have some fun and even if you just say yes to save my blushes, I’d be the happiest man on earth.” Les had an unmistakable rosy glow to his cheeks and he looked down at his feet.

“Well you’d better come in so I can put those beautiful flowers in some water, then I’ll get my coat. She leaned forward and gently kissed his cheek.



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A Lonely Feel

A Lonely Feel.

Beth pulled a chair up to the table, it would be the last time she would be able to sit here in peace. The removal men had been and moved most of her possessions to her new home, a place where she had always dreamed of living. Now it had come to the last moments of the move she wondered if she was doing the right thing, but didn’t everyone feel the same when they left behind the life they knew to start a new one. She felt a bit sad for her flat, there was a lonely feel to the place now.

She hoped that in a short time she would be able to settle into her new house and feel the contentment she had felt here. She smiled as she looked up at the familiar crack in the ceiling and the way the repair job had been unsuccessful, but she had laughed so much when Andy had fallen off the stool and a lump of filler landed on his head. Stupid really but it was a good memory. Her loyalty to him had kept her here far longer than she should have stayed, maybe if she had moved on sooner all of her memories of Andy would be good ones but after a while, he had got bored and was tempted to stray and that was the end of them.

Now it was her time. She stood up and pushed the chair neatly under the table and walked out, ready to start her new life.





Unexpected friends.

Unexpected Friends


It’s midnight, Shaz woke up hungry, really hungry. She realises that she hadn’t eaten all day and had fallen asleep in front of the television. She pulled her fleecy blanket around her shoulders, it had turned cold through the night; she made her way into the kitchen. Just a snack she thought, as she pulled open the fridge door in the dark room, immediately the contents of her fridge were illuminated.

A box of eggs, which had been there for a few weeks, a punnet of strawberries and half a bottle of wine. Shaz despaired at the sight in front of her, she moved on to the cupboard with equal despair, the cupboard was bare. She sighed and inwardly shrugged, she reached into the fridge and took out the strawberries, past their best but at least they were edible. What she would have given at that moment for a bar of chocolate.

She retreated to the front room and sat down with her strawberries, she found an old black and white movie on a late night channel and settled back down. She looked down to find the best of the sweet treats and was startled to see a spider sitting on top of the fattest strawberry. Just my bloody luck she sighed, but gently moved the strawberry with the spider from the punnet and gently placed it on the chair beside her. Together these unexpected friends happily sat, ate and watched the movie.

Skeletons In The Closet – Review.

3.9/5.0 A Holiday Read

by Jennifer L. Hart

A good holiday read with plenty of giggles, the plot is a little uncredible but the characters are likeable and flawed, an overall enjoyable read. So if you need to suspend reality for a while this cosy mystery could be up your street.

Unfortunately it didn’t hold my attention enough that I’d read any more of the series.


The Blurb –

Maggie Phillips hasn’t had it easy. As the wife of retired Navy SEAL, and the adoptive mother of two little hellions, Maggie is constantly looking for ways to improve her family’s financial situation. She accepts a cleaning position for her new neighbors (who redefine the term ‘eccentric’), never imagining she will end up as the sole alibi for a man with a fascination for medieval torture devices when he is brought up on murder charges.

While Maggie struggles to prove the man’s innocence, her deadbeat brother arrives, determined to sell Maggie and Neil on his next great scheme and to mooch with a vengeance. If that isn’t bad enough, her in-laws, (the cut-throat corporate attorneys) descend on the house, armed with disapproval and condemnation, for the family’s annual Thanksgiving celebration.

As the police investigation intensifies, Maggie searches for the killer among the upper echelon of Hudson, Massachusetts in the only way she can— by scrubbing their thrones.

Of the porcelain variety, that is…


Please Do Not Touch

A short story revisit… enjoy.

S C Richmond

The shop assistant welcomes him…..

He walks into the shop every inch a grown man but acts like a child, he walks around having to touch everything his eyes see, when he sees a sign that says ‘Please Do Not Touch’ it is not seen as a request, it is seen as a challenge. So he touches with no respect for the things that he has no intention of buying.

The shop assistant watches…

He continues around the shop, handling everything as he goes, eventually he comes to a large display of cuddly dragons, all colours, all sizes, he picks up a small one but tosses it back onto the shelf, when he notices a purple one deep inside the pile, he has to see that. He plunges his hand in.

The shop assistant holds her breath…

He lets out an ear piercing scream and sharply pulls his arm away…

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Be Kinder To Yourself – A Question.

We need to be kinder to ourselves, this applies to all of us. We are always giving ourselves a hard time, thinking we’re not good enough, we don’t look like we want to etc… We berate ourselves when we get things wrong but rarely compliment ourselves when we do something well.

So I have a question for you…

If you had a friend that spoke to you the way you speak to yourself would they continue to be your friend?


The Unremarkable Man.


Terry Barry’s first book, The ‘Unremarkable’ Man, a book that takes you through the very real stages of being diagnosed with cancer and the personal fight to get through the diagnosis, treatment and come to terms with what it really means.

Here is an excerpt, more insights can be found on his website at 


Suddenly my heart began to race.  I shuddered and felt a chill go down my spine as I began to relive that day.  I did not want to continue as I knew very well what I was going to read from that date on, and what was about to unfold before my eyes as the next pages grew in content and horror….



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A percentage of the proceeds from this book will be donated to cancer charities.

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