Best Actor Award.

Well I am on series 3 of Sons of Anarchy. Netflix is keeping me sane!

I’ve decided that as the acting is so damned average (there are exceptions) that it’s time to award a best SoN award.

Obviously it has to be Stephen King appearing as Bachman, the man who disposes of bodies. Perfect casting.

Poetry Paints A Thousand Pictures. – Review

5* – a beautiful read.

Poetry Paints A Thousand Pictures by Sam Mostyn.

“To spell a word is to cast a spell.

Imagine the story you wish to tell.

Speak the word and watch it swell.

This was my introduction to this lovely read. It contains 33 poems which will take you through a myriad of emotions. It is beautifully written with deep thought to the subjects.

I would recommend this book to everyone. A lovely read that will make you think and smile, plenty of honest looks into the psychology of the human condition.

Relax and enjoy.

Oh, What a Lovely Murder

Ever since Blackwood’s Magazine published Thomas De Quincey’s satirical essay, ‘On Murder Considered as One of the Fine Arts’, in 1827, the British (and of course the rest of the world) have been fascinated by the slaughter of our fellow man in all its many permutations and variations. De Quincey’s musings were prompted by the […]

Oh, What a Lovely Murder
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