Want To Be A Writer?

You know that book you’ve been talking about writing, yes that one that you had all of those great ideas for… Just maybe 2019 will be your year, the right time to get those ideas down on paper.

So what do you say?

Will you try?

The only thing you need to do is practice, set time aside to write and within no time at all it will become a habit and you will hone your skill. So if you want to write, well, just do it. Do it as often as you can, before you know it that book you’ve been dreaming about will become a reality.




Merry Christmas … I Love You.

S C Richmond

The turkey is cooked, the presents opened and the dinner is almost ready to serve, Caren looked around the room, the table looked perfect and she was dressed in her Christmas outfit and added the beautiful emerald necklace her husband had bought for her. When she was growing up she had never realised that Christmas could be so perfect.Her mind drifted back to Christmas when she was a child, there was always lots of food and presents but it was always bedlam, so many family members everyone just grabbing a seat wherever they could find one, Grandma always ending up on the wonky stool because she couldn’t move as fast as everyone else. It was always fun but it was crazy.She smiled at the memory, now she was married her Christmas had been planned and everything was perfect. Silently she wished she could have just a little bit of that madness…

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Prisoner of Heaven – Review

4.7/5.0 Another Atmospheric read from Zafon.

Prisoner of Heaven by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

Again Zafon brings 20th century Barcelona to life, with an atmosphere that will hold your attention on every page. Where I loved Shadow of the wind and was disappointed with Angels Game, this one really brought it all back. The dark beauty of the streets of Barcelona where anything is possible and there are dark deeds going on around every corner. We meet Daniel again and catch up with him as a man, taking care of his wife and son. Beautifully written and always a joy to catch up with his and his friend Fermin.

It has left an opening for a fourth book which I really need to read now…

The Blurb –

The third in the cycle of novels that began with The Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s GameThe Prisoner of Heaven returns to the world of the Cemetery of Forgotten Books and the Sempere & Sons bookshop. It begins just before Christmas in Barcelona in 1957, one year after Daniel and Bea from The Shadow of the Windhave married. They now have a son, Julian, and are living with Daniel’s father at Sempere & Sons. Fermin still works with them and is busy preparing for his wedding to Bernarda in the New Year. However something appears to be bothering him. Daniel is alone in the shop one morning when a mysterious figure with a pronounced limp enters. He spots one of their most precious volumes that is kept locked in a glass cabinet, a beautiful and unique illustrated edition of The Count of Monte Cristo. Despite the fact that the stranger seems to care little for books, he wants to buy this expensive edition. Then, to Daniel’s surprise, the man inscribes the book with the words ‘To Fermin Romero de Torres, who came back from the dead and who holds the key to the future’. This visit leads back to a story of imprisonment, betrayal and the return of a deadly rival.


Markets For Writers


Writing Magazine are holding their annual Open Short Story Competition. So the choice of subject to write about is yours! Here are some more details:


1st: £200, plus publication in the magazine

2nd: £50, plus publication on the website

Entry fees: £6, £4 for subscribers

Word limit: Between 1500 – 1700 words

Closing date: 15th January

To find out more, visit the competition page.


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Glory Days – James Ollier.

Local singer-songwriter James Ollier has just released an awesome new track ‘Glory Days’, check out the video on Youtube, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it and there are more tracks available to listen to there too.  If you want to treat yourself click this link to buy and download it. It really is worth it.  https://ffm.to/ojydxp1



#Blogmas2018 Ritu’s Blog Tips #6

But I Smile Anyway...

Day 6!

Be my guest. I can be your guest. Be everyone’s guest!

I’m not going mad, honestly! And no, I am not having a party or anything.

What I mean to say is consider guest posting, or inviting others to be a guest on your blog.

The exposure you get for being a host, if marketed correctly, and the new viewers and possible followers you can amas by being a guest on a fellow blogger’s siteis immense!

You can find a whole new pocket of readers who discover you through someone else, and you can return the favour by hosting someone on yours!

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