Top 10 Albums Again. Day 1.

Day 1 of the ten day album challenge. I’ve been challenged by Dawn to post an album cover a day, for ten days, of albums that have had an influence on my life. Each day I have to post a cover with no comments or reviews and then invite another person. Today I nominate Trish.

And that is how I get to do this challenge again. So here comes another 10.

Holiday Reads.

Time to catch up… the 4th Alex Price book is on its way. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these.

S C Richmond

The sun’s out, not sure how long that will last so I’ll get in quick 🙂

When your mind turns to lazy days of sitting on a beach or in your garden in the sunshine reading a good book you need to have a good ‘to be read’ pile. So heres a few crime/mysteries to get you started. On e-book or paperback.

Now sit back and relax.

The Community. UK kindle or US Kindle (Free on Kindle Unlimited) 556

Pictures of Deceit. UK kindle or US Kindle      51w2fbpadyl-_uy250_

After the Light, After the Love UK kindle or US kindle    After The Light, After The Love with rose

All titles are available on Amazon as paperbacks or through Completely novel

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Beltane 2020

It’s that time of year again, it’s almost Beltane, time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself, just in a slightly different way in 2020.

Normally there would be festivities going on all around the country for this wonderful pagan festival, probably the happiest of them all. This year will be very different but it doesn’t mean it can’t be celebrated. I’m certain there will be lots of online gatherings and you can still offer your praises in your own space. Dance around your garden or your kitchen, sing and find the beauty that surrounds you and take a little time to appreciate it. Call to the gods or entities that fill you with delight and enjoy your precious time.

Beltane is a Celtic word which means ‘fires of Bel’ (Bel was a Celtic deity). It is a fire festival that celebrates of the coming of summer and the fertility of the coming year and the departure of the cold months.

Normally the rituals are held to promote fertility. This is a festival of Union, both between the Goddess and the God and between man and woman. Handfastings (Pagan marriages) are traditional at this time. It is a time of fertility and harvest, the time for reaping the wealth from the seeds that we have sown. If you can’t be with your loved one you can still appreciate them through online media or a good old fashioned phone call.

I hope it bring’s you all much love and happiness.

Stay safe.

Happy Beltane.

Warning… Rant

I’m speechless…

Here are ‘the it’ll never happen to me’ brigade.

Here is a show of a total lack of respect for people who are suffering or have died with Covid -19.

Most people in this beautiful town have been respecting the lockdown and businesses are closed. Except those that feel they are above the law.


Piers Corbyn having a rally at the local monument. I’m guessing they are all immune and have not lost anyone to this horrible pandemic.

The police turned up and watched whilst it all unfold.

Much fun being had!

Please save the political rants for when we are through this. Although I do have a few bottles of bleach here should they need it. It’s the mentality that might believe Trumps option to curing the world.

Rant over.

Please stay safe and stay home.

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