Warning… Rant

I’m speechless…

Here are ‘the it’ll never happen to me’ brigade.

Here is a show of a total lack of respect for people who are suffering or have died with Covid -19.

Most people in this beautiful town have been respecting the lockdown and businesses are closed. Except those that feel they are above the law.


Piers Corbyn having a rally at the local monument. I’m guessing they are all immune and have not lost anyone to this horrible pandemic.

The police turned up and watched whilst it all unfold.

Much fun being had!

Please save the political rants for when we are through this. Although I do have a few bottles of bleach here should they need it. It’s the mentality that might believe Trumps option to curing the world.

Rant over.

Please stay safe and stay home.

Afterwards AKA Bitter Sweet



We emerge, blinking, into a new world. Sunshine kisses our pale skin and assaults our senses.
Freedom feels unnatural.
Sloth like we check our surroundings,  seeing things in a new light. Suddenly appreciating the things we previously took for granted.
Someone comes into view. We hesitate as we look at each other, we smile, still wary of getting too close, but wanting to engage. We allow each other to pass. Emotions overlap, it will take time for the fear to leave us.
We cry a little, sorrow for the human race.
We keep walking.  Taking in businesses that are still locked down. Will they ever return or are they too just blinking and feeling their way into a new world.
There are few people around, leaving towns looking post apocalyptic.  The eerie silence is deafening. In the distance, the sound of an engine, but no sign of a vehicle. The breeze carries the sound from who know how far, it dies away. The sound overtaken by a birds cry, nature has never seemed so loud.
Hedges overgrown and front gardens being reclaimed by nature. We may never again get the chance to appreciate the sheer beauty of stillness but the cost of that appreciation is too high a price to pay.

The Amulet.

I yawn and stretch in the bright sunshine, my hand comes into contact with stone. For a moment I cannot recall where I am. The sun is high in the blue of the sky, I look around, I was sure this isn’t where I went to sleep. I move my fingers to better feel what I had in my hand. My fingers wrapped themselves around something small and smooth. I smiled. With my other hand I shielded my eyes to glace across to the item, it was glassy and blue, shaped like a sphere. In that moment i remembered picking it up at a local shop. I didn’t recall buying it or anything that had got me to this point.

Looking around, as my eyes began to focus in the bright light, I found myself in a field, alone. My mind raced, how, why, when? I couldn’t find an answer but I felt unnerved, the amulet now feeling like it was pulsing in my hand, getting warmer. I opened my hand and allowed it drop to the floor.

It shattered into what seemed like a never ending shower of droplets, a rain storm or glass scattering, falling. How could something so small do this, my head began to spin. A blur of colour spun in front of me and I slowly, tentatively opened my eyes.

A pair of deep blue eyes stared down in to mine, a mouth moving but I couldn’t hear a sound. This was a stranger with beautiful eyes, I tried to speak but no sound came to my lips. I panicked and tears formed in eyes. I tried to see around the beautiful stranger, there was no longer any blue sky just bright lights. Now my amulet had gone everything had changed.

I was no longer me, the lights were dimming and I was lost.

In a moment everything can change.

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