The Snore…

It’s been a long cold day and now wrapped in a blanket, watching some mind numbing political program on tv. From her right comes the gentle sound of a contented snore, soft and sweet to her ear, maybe not for everyone but the sound lulls her into a sweet place, a smile graces her lips. […]


Wise Woman Years.

Are you there already or are you approaching them? You’ll know when it happens, small pearls of wisdom will spout forth from you lips and you begin to prefer to be amongst a few select people rather than partying with the hoards. It’s a time when you will start appreciating life and start to do […]

Love, Laugh & Care, It’ll All Be Over Too Soon.

What do you want? Every day our aspirations change, every day something happens to us to change our way through this world. We love, laugh , cry and grieve and all of these emotions change us fundamentally¬†as human beings. What you wanted for your life will change as fate deals out its hand and closes […]

Silent Songs of Sonsnow

"I have enough time to rest, but I don't have a minute to waste". Come and catch me with your wise words and we will have some fun with our words of wisdom.

Turnip Patch

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