The Scariest part – Marketing.

So now it’s time to blow your own trumpet, you thought you’d done the hard work in creating your beautiful book but then you realise that if no-one knows about it how can you sell it and get other people to love your baby as much as you do. For me this has been by […]

Indie authors – Friends not Enemies

I saw this post on and it’s something we should all work towards. Together us Indie authors can be formidable, separately we’ll always struggle. Indie Authors – Your Fellow Authors are Not Your Enemies – Have a look at his site there’s lots of useful info to be found.

Writers Wednesday… Again

Apologies for the first post…. I have turned on the comments now. 😉 I am starting #writerswednesday. feel free to share your novels here & tell us why we should read it & what genre it is.  All #indie authors welcome. This is my mystery novel, a story that spans 50 years. Love, death, friendship […]

Good Karma All Round. Indie Books Rock!

I wanted to share this with you all, it’s a great idea created by a talented author and she is Daphne Kapsali author of ‘100 days of Solitude’ she discovered that getting you book out there is a tough job for indie authors and has done something about it. Visit this page where readers discover great […]

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