Proofreading and Saving Money.

This may seem like a very obvious post but you’d be surprised how many writers who pay to use proofreaders don’t use the basic tools available to them for FREE. We all know a good proofreader is worth their weight in gold and should be used but you can cut down the amount of work […]


My manuscript is in for proofreading and my nerves are in tatters, I loved it but will it be good enough?  The self doubt imps keep tunnelling into my brain. Why has it gone so quiet, a scarey moment in every authors life. So I wait. .. I know it all takes time and every […]

Proofreading 🤔

Well that’s it, it’s done, I’ve written until I have wrung every last thought out of my head and onto paper, then edited, I plumped followed by a  massive cull of words, then did it all over again. So feeling exhausted I have let go of my new baby and sent it through the ether […]

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