Setting The Scene.

Hope your work in progress is going well and everything is¬†going to plan. I hope this will help¬†a little with setting your scenes, or you may have some tips of your own. How do you set your scenes?¬† We’ve all read books that either have no¬†atmosphere or have so much description they become boring, so […]

Word Count.

Hope the writings going well and those ideas are flowing for you. If you’re a new author, writing fiction, this could be a useful piece of information for you. I know when I started out I was looking for some idea about word counts and what readers expected when they would be reading my work. […]

Now You’re Writing.

So you have your pen, paper and ideas, I hope you’ve started writing everything down. Ever passing thought, hopeful storyline and character ideas. It’s the exciting part when the ideas come through thick and fast. You’ll write it out in your own style, this is not the time to start listening to other authors, there […]

Cool Dump

Funny and true facts