T – Time for Tanya


She looked into his eyes with such tenderness, this man was dangerous and took her beyond temptation. She couldn’t believe how lucky she was to have found a man who made her feel like this and they had only just met. What could the future hold for them? Marriage, children,  in those moments the possibility for her future stretched happily ahead of her, it would be perfect. He touched her face, a jolt of electricity surging between them, she leant in for the first kiss that would start the rest of her life. Their lips touched with such a tenderness she thought her heart would explode and then changed to a hunger they both needed to feed.
   She sat on the bed watching her children sleep, watching over them whilst remembering the start of the relationship that created these precious lives. She would sit there and recall every detail of how the relationship unfolded whilst she watched over them.
   She looked around the room that was decorated with photos of the children playing and laughing, there were pictures of them with her husband mainly, she was missing from most of them. She’d had to go away for a while and leave them with her husband, he took care of them well, they were their perfect children after all. Her husband stood in the doorway watching her. “This was all yours Tanya.”
   “No! You destroyed it.” She sobbed.
He looked at the ground accepting the truth of the statement. He had had an affair, it had meant nothing to him beyond the physical gratification but it had destroyed Tanya. That had been when she took the car and drove it at his mistress, snuffing her life out in an instant.
   Tanya had been away for four years and now got occasional day release but was never to be left alone with the children. The officer would be here to collect her in a moment.
   She kissed her children goodbye.

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