Welcome. I have been working at writing a book for many years, producing nothing I felt was good enough until now and having finally been brave enough to put my words into print I would like to introduce you to ‘The Community’Β an English mystery.

556‘The Community’

The 5* Reviews

The Community, Pictures Of Deceit and Short stories Β pages for more insights.

You all followed me on my journey to writing my second novel Pictures Of Deceit and it is now released and ready for you to read, available at all of the usual places. It was a joy to write, I enjoyed the experience as much if not more than with the first book.


‘Pictures Of Deceit’

I have the bug now and I would love it if you would continue to follow me on my next adventure, I have no idea where it will lead yet, but lets have some fun finding out.Thank you for your continued support.


‘In The Spotlight’

Come with me …….


62 thoughts on “Home

  1. Congratulations on arriving in print after a journey that, well, I’m currently on…good enough…the author conundrum…is it or us it just me catastrophising and not believing others when they say it might be!

    Bah says I…do, or do not, there is no try…I suppose a Jedi master has a point!

    I found your blog via Janice Walds meet and greet…hope you don’t mind another follower πŸ™ƒ

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    • I’d love another follower and you’re very welcome, so how far into your journey are you? It’s worth every second of the agonising, I promise. Trouble is the publishing is where the work really begins. Good luck.

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      • My inaugural book is due back from my proof reader in the next two weeks. I’ve also got one awaiting editing and three others at various stages. A hobby that various people thought should move forwards…which actually meant stop prevaricating and sort it out πŸ‘» Publishing is where I’m torn…where, how, who and eh? These things are really doing my head in…to use a basal phrase πŸ™ƒ Thus far I’m asking every author blogger what they did to try and figure out the best method of attack! You are indeed spot on too…writing is easy, this bit is errr…not 😊

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  2. Thank you for visit. I am on my very first novel and have been for the last year but have had stories in an Anthology and the second one will be out April. It’s just my first stand alone one is scary and you are on your second..Wow well done πŸ™‚

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  3. Hello! Just stumbled across your blog and I really like it here. I love to write but sometimes do find myself very demotivated. I hope your Blog can serve as inspiration. I intend to write a book someday and I’d love to join you as you publish your second!

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  4. I love your phrase ‘word hungry’ sums up the need for a story brilliantly. I am excited to enjoy more of your work on your blog. Thank you for pinning up my post, I am grateful and tinkled pink! I am cheering you on for your publication and looking forward to reading it.

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