Drunken Tongue

I’d love to say that this is some obscure martial arts movement. Unfortunately not … I am suffering from the most painful ulcer on my tongue that I have had the displeasure to experience in many years. My every helpful husband suggested that I try putting whiskey on it to make it go away, I’m in pain I’ll try anything even though I loath whiskey.


I get a bowl and some of said liquid and sit at the kitchen table elegantly with my tongue in the bowl… I dare you… go on laugh! I have never known pain like it !!! I turned the air blue and very nearly cried (sympathy at this point would be appreciated). This action was repeated along with bad language, several times and I have no idea if it’s worked yet, I haven’t given up hope but my tongue feels fabulous and I’ll be popping back for more of the same treatment later.

This could be a new thing, I could be starting a trend.

Drunken tongue …


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