Remember Them? – 9

I thought it would be nice to relive some of the tunes that I for some time had forgotten about but at times in my life meant something to me, they will mainly be the songs and bands that anyone under the age of thirty (Ok forty… who am I kidding!) may never have heard of, if you’re a little older you may just have some memories of your own in amongst the music to follow, there’ll be some rubbish in here but I can promise there’ll be some gems too.

James Taylor, American singer, songwriter and one of the best-selling artists of all time,  having sold more than 100 million records worldwide. 1970 to today, he is still touring to high acclaim.

So I’m certain you’ve all heard of him but this track wasn’t one of his most famous but I think it’s one of his best, it came from the album ‘Mud Slide Slim and the New Horizon’ if you’ve never given it a listen and you like this track please do, you won’t be sorry. This brings back memories of the days when I was living in a shared house and I would listen to it at night when I wanted to sleep happy. Totally relaxing and as close to perfect as I can imagine. ‘You Can Close Your Eye’s’ and I did.


With thanks to TheMusicFan34 for the video.

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