So I am getting to the stage where I am starting to think about looking for a literary agent.

When there was just one book I was quite happy to just putter along and selling what I sold and I really was happy with that, with a second book released and a third book started, I think I would like to take my writing a little further. So is it time to look for an agent or should I just keep going the way I am? If so how do I go about making the right choices, it seems like a big step so if anyone can help and offer any advice I would be very grateful. I know there are many of you here that are much further into your writing career than I am so I welcome any help.

Thank you in anticipation.

10 thoughts on “Agents?

  1. Hey Steph, I spent a couple of years trying to get an agent and the general response (from those who bothered to read my work), was that they weren’t interested in spending time working with a ‘new’ writer. These days agents seem to want someone who is already successful, which sounds a bit bloody lazy to me, but there’s certainly no harm in trying. The main thing is to send your work to someone who reads your particular genre and has openings on their lists.

    Try this website

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