Free Books.

We have all done it, signed up for the special free book offers and it’s great, we get loads of books sent to out inboxes or onto our ereader if choice and there they sit. Most of the books that I have sitting unread on my ereader are the free ones as yet untouched. I opened up my emails this morning to find another three offers of free books there too, I deleted them. 
I have come to the conclusion that giving books away is not the answer, we get over saturated with them and they lose value. Then your name as an author gets devalued. If I am thinking like this you can be sure hundreds maybe thousands of others are too.

Please do not undervalue your hard work. If it’s taken months or maybe years of your life, put a value on it. You may sell less copies but it’s almost certain that the ones you do sell will be read, isn’t that what we authors want, the very reason we publish our work?


5 thoughts on “Free Books.

  1. I am happy to pay if I want to read. But I am drawn to a bargain too. Reduced reads feel like the best of both worlds, If I enjoy the reduced book I have often purchased the next one from the Author reduced or not. 😇

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